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Girls on the Run of Northwest Arkansas is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young girls through a unique blend of physical activity, mentorship, and confidence-building curriculum. The program aims to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident, utilizing running as a tool to help them develop essential life skills and positive self-esteem. Through a carefully structured 10-week program, girls in grades 3 to 8 participate in lessons that cover topics such as teamwork, goal-setting, assertiveness, and self-care.

During each session, girls engage in age-appropriate discussions and activities that promote self-discovery and personal growth. Alongside their volunteer coaches, who serve as positive role models and mentors, the girls learn to embrace their individual strengths, express themselves authentically, and cultivate supportive relationships with their peers. The program culminates in a celebratory 5K running event, where the girls showcase their newfound confidence and determination, crossing the finish line empowered and proud of their accomplishments. Overall, Girls on the Run NWA provides a supportive community where girls can develop the skills and resilience they need to navigate life's challenges with confidence and resilience.

the steps

Creating a Girls on the Run program involves several key steps to ensure its success and effectiveness in empowering young girls. First, securing support from the local community, including schools, parents, and potential sponsors, is essential. This involves reaching out to stakeholders, presenting the program's mission and benefits, and garnering commitment from volunteers and participants.

Next, recruiting and training volunteer coaches who will serve as mentors and role models for the girls is crucial. These coaches undergo comprehensive training to facilitate the program curriculum, support the girls' emotional and physical well-being, and create a positive and inclusive environment for all participants.

Once the team is in place, organizing and implementing the program curriculum is the next step. This involves planning weekly sessions that incorporate both physical activities, such as running, as well as interactive lessons focused on topics like self-esteem, body image, communication skills, and goal-setting.

Additionally, coordinating logistics such as securing facilities for meetings and practices, obtaining necessary permits for running events, and managing program materials and resources is essential for a smooth operation. Finally, promoting the program within the community to recruit participants and raise awareness of its impact is key to ensuring its sustainability and growth. Through careful planning, collaboration, and dedication, Girls on the Run programs can positively impact the lives of girls and communities alike.

why we're doing it

Girls on the Run not only empowers individual girls but also fosters positive change within the community as a whole. By providing a platform for girls to develop essential life skills, confidence, and resilience, the program cultivates a generation of empowered young women who are better equipped to contribute positively to society. As these girls grow and thrive, they become role models and catalysts for change within their families, schools, and neighborhoods, inspiring others to embrace healthy lifestyles, pursue their goals with determination, and advocate for positive social change. Moreover, the program's emphasis on teamwork, inclusivity, and support fosters a sense of community among participants, coaches, and volunteers, creating a ripple effect of kindness, empathy, and mutual respect that extends far beyond the program's duration. Ultimately, Girls on the Run strengthens communities by nurturing the next generation of confident, compassionate, and empowered leaders who are committed to making the world a better place for all.


Final budget


Revised Budget:

Program Shirts - $2,710.00

Shoes - $250

Curriculum - $3,000

Snacks - $1,000

Girl Registration - $6,544.40

Original budget

Program Shirts

Curriculum for 3 teams

A week of snacks for 5 teams

Girl Registration Fee



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ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $306.12
TOTAL TO RAISE $15,306.12
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