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the project

This Girl’s Story 360 documentary will illustrate two teenage girls’ quest to rewrite their skewed narrative.  Currently, the girls have expressed emotional duress from negative experiences that transpired in their personal lives, ranging from bullying to abandonment.  Girlfriends Glasshouse Empowerment will follow their journey to heal emotional wounds and track their progress with making healthier choices over the course of 3-months.

the steps

  • The (2) girls confirmed will discuss their ideal goal to improve their self-esteem and serve as an ambassador for their peers.
  • Identify community partners to interview (parent or guardian, teacher, mentor, therapist, superintendent, and peers).  Interview discussions will touch upon the inadequate resources for support, including transportation, coping skills, lack of behavioral health support due to financial barriers, and other gaps that impact the girls’ behavior.
  • Meet with key community partners (parents/guardians, mentors and therapist) to create an action plan to assist the girls with meeting their goals.
  • GGE will film girls at their core environment, which includes their homes, school, faith-based organizations, and after school activities. Taping will take place at school and home.  We will tape them during class, during after school programs and at their homes.  We will ask students to use their phones to record weekly journals.  
  • Filming will take place in January and conclude in April 2020
  • Video release party in April 2020 at a large venue.  Venue will include students, parents, community partners and others.  Girls will share if they met their goals.  We will discuss what went right, ways to improve and other next steps.

why we're doing it

Our goal is to discover how Girlfriends Glasshouse Empowerment, in collaboration with other community partners, can shift the girls negative thinking and behavior by disrupting poor habits, leveraging current positive resources and by introducing new resources to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their desired goals (a 360 holistic view). We will discuss ways to address behavioral health issues with students and innovative ways to address the gaps. We will also compare resources that are effectively working and not working to assist the girls with overcoming social issues.  This documentary is intended for social awareness, education and to provoke discussions with teachers, mentors, therapists, students, and guardians/parents to bridge the gap within their educational institutions, faith-based organizations and mentoring programs.


$3000 Videographer & Equipment
$700 Documentary Release Party for girls
$500 Marketing and Promotions
$500 Teen Talk Event (Social issue awareness for students which will be included in the documentary)
$300 Photoshoot, make-up and an outfit for 2 girls

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)    $274
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $164
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $5,473


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