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Thank You to All Our Wonderful IOBY Crowdfunding Campaign Donors

the project

Help us to create and distribute a new cookbook of healthy food recipes, in partnership with the East Harlem families served by SCAN New York.

The cookbook will be a collection of "family secret" mainstay recipes, as well as recipes reworked as "tastes-like-the-original" healthy alternatives, submitted by NYCHA residents and SCAN program participants working with a team of food experts. The collection will also include interesting tid bits of food memory narratives, as well as advice on making delicious, balanced meals.

Simultaneously with the cookbook publication, we are also asking for donations of new and used cookbooks from SCAN supporters and friends, so that we can create a library of cookbooks that can be used by our community.

Distribution of our brand new cookbook, and the library of donated cookbooks, will be added as new features at our Café Express – a pop-up healthy food cafe event -- which is currently running at SCAN’s Lehman Village Cornerstone community center.

The center is located at 1589 Madison Ave, at the corner of East 107th Street, and all Café Express events are open to the public. Café Express is part of SCAN’s Get Health, East Harlem program, with NYCHA residents planning and performing key aspects of each cafe event, including creating the menu, cooking, and marketing the events.

the steps

Distribution of the new cookbook and the library will be integrated into the centerpiece of our project: the resident-run Café Express pop-up healthy food cafe events, in which NYCHA residents -- working in partnership with SCAN -- decide what items to sell, and are directly involved in running the cafe events.

We produced 17 cafe events in 2016, and will hold at least 30 events in 2017.

SCAN has a June through November 2017 project timeline to create our new cookbook and gather donated cookbooks for our library.

Funds will be used to: design and print approximately 500 copies of the cookbook; post the cookbook on SCAN's website; purchase shelves and storage bins to create the cookbook library; and cover a limited amount of SCAN staff time to coordinate the project work with NYCHA residents.  

why we're doing it

The barriers to access and use of healthy food in East Harlem stem from a combination of economic and social circumstances. As most NYCHA residents in East Harlem are low-income and resource-challenged (and so are food-insecure to begin with), simply obtaining a sufficient amount of food -- regardless of it nutritional value -- can be an overwhelming challenge.

Thus, it is not surprising that the neighborhood is one of New York City’s most unhealthy: according to the NYC Department of Health, East Harlem has the highest morbidity and diabetes rates in the city; approximately two-thirds of adult residents are obese and/or have diabetes; and youth morbidity and diabetes cases are growing exponentially.

Because of its resident-driven approach, Get Health, East Harlem has been very successful in acting as a catalyst for creating a healthier food environment and culture within our Lehman Village center.

As we expand the program, to provide an elevated level of healthy food activities at multiple SCAN sites in East Harlem, this new cookbook and cookbook library will help to leverage and amplify SCAN’s engagement with NYCHA residents of all ages, empowering and educating them with the knowledge and skills needed to produce healthy lifestyle changes.

As with all the aspects of our program, the new cookbook and cookbook library project will utilize resident’s personal understanding and experiences to develop a shared vision for how Get Healthy, East Harlem can help to bring about changes in eating habits, leading to improvements in community health. 


Disbursed Budget:

cookbook graphic design + printing $1,663.11

website support $ 200

staff support $1,000

library shelves + storage bins $ 200

SUBTOTAL $3,063.11

RAISED = $3,190.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $91.89

Original Budget:

cookbook graphic design + printing               $1,600                                                                              

website support                                              $   200                        

staff support                                                    $1,000

library shelves + storage bins                        $   200

SUBTOTAL = 3,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $90



Thank You to All Our Wonderful IOBY Crowdfunding Campaign Donors


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