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the project

The George A. Webb Sr. Learning Institute was created to have a place to preserve "our stories" and teach our children in a way that is more conducive to how they learn best!  It was created by Our House Development Inc.    

The learning institute is currently set up as sort of an "Outside Classroom" in nature.  We have been taking children camping at State Parks to learn an appreciation for our natural environment.  We also have students participate in clean ups, including the annual, Redd Up Pittsburgh.  Our House Development Inc. recently acquired lots from the City of Pittsburgh in the East End.  Our goal is to create a sustainable working urban garden that will also have a social gathering space to provide entertainment, as well as healthy foods from the garden.  We will record and capture local stories that will become artifacts and time capsules preserved for the museum.  This urban garden will be an outdoor learning environment for the students under the George A. Webb Sr. Learning Institute & Museum.

Our House Development Inc.'s primary goal is to help prepare students to become young entrepreneurs, who are financially literate, tech savvy, healthy, and concerned stewards of the earth!  We are seeing the current alarming statistics of obesity with our young population.  Without any intervention, we are looking at record numbers of future adults with many preventable diseases.  Teaching children how important their diet choices are, and how it can impact their thinking, future health care costs, and overall quality of life, is imperative!  Geo means earth.  The name “George” means farmer.  George A. Webb Sr., a retired teacher and coach was a nurturer to so many children.  There is so much in a name!  It is only appropriate that children get reconnected with nature, and learn how to properly nurture our environment under the “George A. Webb Sr. Learning Institute and Museum”.

the steps

Action Steps:

(1)  Pay the balance owed on 917 Gerritt Street to Lucille Johnson (previous owner who we have a monthly agreement with) - by May 1st 2018

(2)  Secure the space with fencing and cameras - by June 15th 2018

(3)  Start basic start up lessons and programming with both Phipps/Grow Pgh/Alcosan - June 2018

(3)  Continue engaging supporters at "Fundraiser House Parties!" - April 15th 2018 - until...

(4)  Purchase food truck (in order to generate more income and create sustainability) - by April 30th 2018 via loan...then pay off with funds from fundraising 

(5)  Take selected students back to Ohio for training of food buggie - May 2018 

(5)  Continue organizing networking at both the site and the home office (7150 Upland in case of rain) where we conduct interviews and inform.

(6)  Collaborate with other organizations/companies - such as the parade scheduled this summer by Nubian Impulse - July 6th 2018

(7)  Make sure we are visible at festivals throughout the summer such as Harambee & CEA's Unity in the Community Annual Events - August 2018

why we're doing it

The George A. Webb Sr. Learning Institute & Museum Urban Garden is a must for several reasons.  To begin, children in urban areas are surrounded by corner stores that are pushing unhealthy snacks.  Studies are out there that prove how artificial colors, dyes, sugar, etc., are unhealthy and some times the culprit for things such as hyperactivity in children.  As of result of the consumption of these items, along with fast food, and an overconsumption of processed foods being eaten at home, we are now faced with a rise of sugar diebetes in our children.  We must be proactive and educate the youth and their parents to turn to a more natural diet.  What better way to have them learn how to really appreciate eating healthy than to have them learn how to grow it themselves.  Too many people in our community are becoming ill, a slave to medications, or even dying from preventable diseases.  We can do better! 

Next, we are seeing a rising cost in real, healthy, natural foods.  The best way to combat this problem is to Grow Your Own Food!  We hope to influence everyone who comes to our space to grow something at home, no matter how small their space may be.  In addition to that, some companies are putting greed before the population's health.  Many of the foods that we are eating are not real, natural, wholefoods!  Since, many children may have parents who can't afford to shop at Wholefoods, or have not ventured into the East End Food Co-op, or Trader Joe's, we figured that we can start here through early intervention and education. 

We want to see all of our children reach their full potential so that there true super hero selves can shine through!  To continue, we need more spaces to come together, relish in nature, support local vendors, and have live entertainment, fashion shows, presentations of student work, etc. 

Last, we know that our communities need to see more legacies of people who look like them.  George A. Webb Sr. became the first African American inducted the Pennsylvania High School Coaches Hall of Fame in Harrisburg.  George taught right at Westinghouse High School, which is visible right next to the site!  He was a surrogate father to many of the students that he taught and coached. 

This garden will not only be an honor, but also symbolic... representing all the seeds he has sown into the lives of many!  So let's make it happen! Thank you!


Budget for Phase 1

Balance on initial purchase of property (There was a home that sat there)                      - $ 3,650.00

Costs for fencing in the space                                                                                          -  $ 2,500.00

Food Truck (help teach financial literacy/sustainablity/promote healthier eating habits) -  $12,000.00

Security cameras installed & Labor                                                                                  - $  3,550.00

Raised beds installation and gardening materials                                                            - $  2,500.00

Landscaping design                                                                                                         - $     800.00



Project Subtotal =  $25,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $750
Total to raise on ioby = $25,785



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