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Ashly J
w 4th st
(West 4th street, downtown Davenport. Where once was a grocery store is now an abandon building.)
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the project

Our project is to build community gardens in food desert areas of Davenport, Ia. We will provide fresh vegetables and fruit to the communities in the surrounding area. This will also benifit our children, in many cases a child misbeahvior is due to lack of food; therefore, they can't focus on the right behavior or even their school work. Our organzation will broaden the horizon of our communities and offer another way of life. Teaching basic gardening to become food efficent and reliant on ourselves

Our goal is to have multiple community gardens in our city, fuflling needs where they're need. From there we see investing into farmland to build an greenhouse during the winter months. This facility will withhold the capacity to grow fruit/citrus trees as well as our fruits vegetables. This will enable the more communities to have healthy choices all year long. This will also provide to produce more good so we can give to our local food pantry, feed the homeless, be a teaching instrument, are create economic development. This will empower our city!

the steps

  • Sign lease for lot 4/01/2022
  • Purchase supplies 04/15/22
  • Gather Voulenteers 04/20/22
  • Planting of the first seeds 04/30/22

why we're doing it

The reason why we have come together to make this nonprofit happen, is because there is a disadvantage between keeping your family fed and feeding your family healthier choices. It's even a bigger problem when the ONE grocery store in the neighborhood closes down with nothing replacing the need of food security. What The GGP is going to do is put organic community gardens right in those neighborhoods. Which won't just help with food source, but help dimenish the crime rates, bring the community together and the best of all teach people how to be efficent. 


Company Van $20,000

Greenhouse $600

Composter $200

Composting Worms $36

Raised Garden Beds $4164

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,361
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
TOTAL TO RAISE = $27,211.96

Please note: ioby fees are estimated and will be calculated based on totals at the end of the campaign.


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