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Our second Gather To Talk happens on Sunday, March 12th.

This time around, performers Elena Aranda, Victor Galvan, and Juan Juarez of Motus Theater will be sharing their stories with us.

After we hear their stories, we will break up into small groups, as we did last time, to dive into some deep conversation about the challenges immigrants are facing in our community.

We will look at what we can do to harness our people power to help, to support, and to stand in solidarity with our immigrant neighbors and friends.

And like last time, this event is limited to 160 people, so feel free to share with your circle of friends, and have them RSVP by emailing me at

More updates to come this gathering continues to unfold and take shape.


the steps

Motus Theater is all set to share their work with us on Sunday, March 12th.

All that needs to happen now is to get all of us there, and to get facilitators on board to lead the small group discussions.


why we're doing it

This is about listening to each other, connecting with each other, and understanding more deeply the experience of one another, so that we can move forward - together - in a way that we never could have imagined.  It's about building and fortifying that root system.  It's about what is underneath.


Excited to see everyone on Sunday, March 12th!
We have some fantastic facilitators joining us for this event: Farah Afzal, The Islamic Center of Boulder Suzy Belmont, Core Member of Boulder SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) Rossana Longo Better, Director of Spanish Language Programming at AINC (Audio Information Network of Colorado), Masters student at CU in the CMCI Department with a focus on Media and Public Engagement Erika Blum, Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition Becky Boone, Boulder Housing Project Elizabeth Crowe, Associate Director of Coming Clean Tom Daly & Jude Blitz, Co-Directors, Living Arts Foundation Sameera Daudi, The Islamic Center of Boulder Rabbis Victor and Nadya Gross, Pardes Levavot Ana Maria Hernando, Visual Artist Suzanne Jones, Mayor of Boulder Lindsey Loberg, Program Director for Boulder Food Rescue Rusty Low, Climate Scientist Nikhil Mankekar, The Human Relations Commission; Musician Andrew Marcus, Dancer and Visual Artist (The Disappearance Project) Kevin McEvoy, Middle School Spanish Teacher Bob Norris, Immigration Justice Task Force Sarah Rosenberg, Immigration and Refugee Team/Boulder CAN! Lee Shanis, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Intercambio Karin Stayton, Director of Resident Services at Boulder Housing Paola Liliana Alonso Trejo, Engineer and Program Manager Kirsten Wilson, Artistic Director of Motus Theater Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 3/12/17):

$500 will go to the non-profit, Motus Theater
$500 will go to Nevei Kodesh, the Synagogue that we are holding this event in.

RAISED = $948.00
ioby Platform Fee, waived
Payment Processing Fee (3%), $27.61



This event will cost $1100

I have $100 from our last event that I will be putting toward this next event.

We need:

$500 to rent the space

$600 to pay the storytellers from Motus Theater.

Any money that gets donated beyond the $1000:

The first $100 will go to us, so that we have a cushion to begin planning for our next event on May 7th.

Everything beyond that will go to Motus Theater.


SUBTOTAL = $1,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $30



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