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Photo of the most recent redwood section

the project

The Gateway Mural is going to be a 150’ long x 12’ high scenic wildnerness  panorama  featuring highlights of Southern Oregon. It begins at Boundary Springs and meanders through elements of our area such as farm land, vineyards, river activities, camping, forests, mountains, and will eventually end at the ocean in a sunset.90 feet of the mural has been completed but in order for the project to be complete, we still need to fund the artist and materials to finish out the last 60 feet.

the steps

We are raising the final sum to be paid to the artist upon his completion of this project. He will start painting June 22 and anticipates being done by the end of summer. We have a grant in the works, and many local businesses still to approach for their support.

why we're doing it

The inspiration for this project was my mother. She was an arts enthusiast .  It was her wish that people would contribute to any programs supporting the arts. In addition the mural will fill a dreary wall at a major entry point to our main medical complex and cinema. 


Bob is painting the redwood section as this campaign is live so all can actually see his work at the end of the day. Stay tuned for more pix.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 8/18/16):

RAISED = $1,880.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $53.74

All the money raised goes directly to the artist, who purchases the paint and supplies.


    MRIPA    $            6,000  
    City of Grants Pass    $         10,000  
    Evergreen Bank    $            5,000  
    Dr. Heather Kahn    $            1,000  
    Bob Mayers    $            1,000  
    Bob Brooks    $            1,000  
    Charles Cammerer    $            1,000  
    Dutch Bros    $               500  
    Verizon    $               500  
    Asante Three Rivers  $               300  
    Proceeds from BBQ  $            1,206  
    Smaller individual donations  $            3,485  
    Donations from family  $            2,750  
      Total  $         33,741  
    JCCC 2015    $            1,000  
    JCCC 2016    $               500  
      Total   $            1,500  
  Total Donations and Grants  $ 35,241 $3,740 remaining in bank
    Ed Wineteer wall prep  $            2,000  
    Miller paint    $               400  
    Raffle prizes    $            1,000  
      Total  $            3,400  
  Total all forms of revenue    $         38,641  
  Wall Prep and wall prep paint  $            2,400 See In Kind Gifts
  Artist Fee  already paid    $         30,000 fee is $10,000 per panel plus truck rental (see below)
  Remainder to be paid     $         20,000 $2,500 to be paid soon
  Truck rental by artist    $            2,500 $500 per month  x 5 ($1,500 paid thus far)
          ($1,000 remainder to be paid)
  Out of pockets expenses      
    Printing of brochure  $               128  
    Stamps and Envelopes  $               100  
  Gifts for donors    $               500 estimate
  Other promotional materials    $               500 estimate
  Total all forms of expenses  $ 56,128  
Needed to complete the mural  $ 21,000 approx


SUBTOTAL = $2,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $75



Photo of the most recent redwood section


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


  • Roxanne Hunnicutt
  • Randall V.
  • Constance F.
  • Ross and Annette Roe
  • Linda Corey
  • Anonymous
  • ashley wolff
  • Kelley B.
  • Aaron V.
  • Jody Miles
  • Joey's dad
  • Anonymous

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