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A Neighborly Gesture

the project


This summer, we hope to gather folks in the dusky shade of Greenpoint’s two community gardens, 61 Franklin St. Community Garden and Java St. Community Garden, to watch films, to learn more about the world that surrounds us, and together explore what we might do to make things better. 

The plan is simple: We will present 3-4 different films over the course of July and August, playing once in each garden on consecutive nights. These films will be presented by special guests, and will be free to attend.  

The films will be drawn from the abundance of excellent, imaginative, and thought-provoking contemporary documentary about green issues (sustainability, waste management, natural resources, food security, pollution, and the like).  

We have not yet chosen the films — that is part of the fun and purpose of the project.  However, a list of the sorts of films we hope to program might include:

Finally, we seek your help to make this happen. We have been given an incredible opportunity through IOBY, whereby they will double every dollar we raise with matching funds. That's a good incentive! And as every farmer tells us,  you have to make hay while the sun shines. 

So, in keeping with the ethos of the gardens themselves, we plant this seed of an idea, in the expectation that it will grow if we tend to it. 

Thank You 

the steps

We will undertake this project in 5 simple steps:

  1. First, if you are reading this, we have already taken the first step, to launch a crowdfunding campaign. This is the big step, and incudes seeing it through, and advocating for the project through both gardens and their extended families. 
  2. Second, we will assemble a team of up to 5 folks to select and pre-screen films. (Interested? Email us!)
  3. Third, we will promote the selected films to our Garden communities, and perhaps indulge in a postcard for the neighborhood. 
  4. We will present the films in each garden on successive nights in July and August, with special guests (Directors, Subjects, Experts) on hand to start conversations. 
  5. We will help to facilitate engagement between audience and issue after the evening is concluded, to the best of our abilities. 

…and then we might have a glass of wine to celebrate!

why we're doing it

Gardens grow communties and ideas, alongside flowers and vegetables.

We are inspired by these gardens, to the hope that through their connection to the natural world, they might help us to see our connection to that same world more clearly.

We are inspired by these communities, to the hope that even as we nurture plants worth tending, we nurture ideals worth defending.

And we are inspired by the power of ideas, to start conversations that lead to action.

That's why we're doing this. 


Disbursed Budget (7.13.18):

Guest Honoraria: $150 x 3 = $450
Guest Travel:  0
Equipment Rental: 0
Promotions/Publicity: $35
Garden Overhead: 0

RAISED = $500.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $14.56

Original Budget:

Guest Honoraria: $150 x 4 = $600

Guest Travel: $500 Total

Equipment Rental: $200 ($100 per night @ Java Only)

Promotions/Publicity: $200

Garden Overhead: $2 x $250 = $500


ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $60
TOTAL TO RAISE ON ioby= $2,095



A Neighborly Gesture

Hey, Gardeners,

Some good news!  Greenpoint Landing, the major development going up just down the road, has announced that they will sponsor this project, in an early gesture of goodwill! 

This is helpful news (their sponsorship comes with a donation), and we are thrilled to forge this new relationship with our future neighbors.  

NOW! If you've donated, THANKS! if you're thinking of it, PLEASE DO!  

And we'll see you in our gardens!


Learn about 61 Franklin St. Community Garden and Java St. Community Garden

61 Franklin Street Community Garden is a member-run communal garden and open space with the mission to provide a vibrant green space and the opportunity for environmental education to the residents of Greenpoint Brooklyn. Click here for more details about 61 Franklin Street Garden!



Our mission is to establish a garden and public space for the larger Greenpoint area and for the enrichment of those participating in the community's development. Through our collective efforts and with the cooperation of local organizations, we aim to develop this space as a living laboratory for participants who wish to gain design and gardening experience and to contribute to their community. Click here for more details about Java St. Garden!


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