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We are still here!

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UPDATE June 28, 2023

We are still up and running!

As you may know the leadership of GVNC changed and combined with the delays caused by the pandemic, our mission evolved. With the equipment we were able to purchase with the funds raised, this project's spirit grew into TWO impactful initiatives!

First, the story evolved from just about GVNC where the leadership and grit of Jan Ridgeway along with the resolute force of Quinton Durham (who sadly made transition in 2021) pushed GVNC to survive and actually thrive in its work to the Garden Valley residents. An often overlooked component of that turnaround WAS the work of Ms. Ridgeway. Accordingly, we began production of a feature film called 3 Brothers. The movie incorporates stories familiar to residents of Garden Valley.

The catch?

Even though the film's title is called 3 Brothers, it's really about the women who make things happen, even though it's often the men who get all the credit. So, stay tuned.

Second, we are actively producing a short form documentary about the Sidaway Bridge and the work of improving relationships among the residents of Garden Valley and the frontline healthcare workers in the community. Look for the documentary to come out in November 2023!

As you see, life evolves and so do the challenges facing us, many of which were brought to the light from the pandemic. Accordingly,, our work evolved to make a greater impact. Soooooo, thank you (and IOBY) for supporting this work to show the successes, as well as the pain and grit of our family and friends.

Stay in contact as you see the multiple benefits of this fantastic experience!


the steps

Currently, we are in production of 3 Brothers and Still in the City.

Our next steps are to complete production, then go to the editing phase, and finally release both projects to the world!

why we're doing it

Because these stories NEED to be told in an equitable, balanced, and informative spirit.


Disbursed Budget 7.31.19:

Youth Multimedia Program $,1000
Program Equipment $1,500
Staffing $1,407.08

TOTAL RAISED = $4,064.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $121.92

Original Budget:

Youth Multimedia Program: $1,000

Program Equipment: $1,500

Staffing: $1,000


ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $109




We are still here!

We are still here and chomping at the bit!

As soon as this COVID-19 situation reaches a level where we can safely conduct the interviews of Garden Valley residents we will begin principal photography. We haven't set idly by -- working on pre-production and some post-production deliverables.

Take care and...well, don't hold your breath, but your patience will truly be rewarded!


August 2, 2019

Thank you everybody for your support - we even exceeded our goal! We'll be keeping you updated on our progress on this site. Today (August 2nd) we had a pre-production meeting with Jan Ridgeway, the Executive Director over at Garden Valley Neighborhood House. For those of you who know her, you know she is definitely a bulldog when it comes to doing the right thing for the people!

One thing which is EXTREMELY important to Jan (and us) is that she is committed to the folks who live in Garden Valley having their voices authentically heard. So, for the next couple of weeks we'll be doing exactly that as we finish up the pre-production aspects of this project.

Take care, Stay Tuned and have a great rest of the summer!


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