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We Did It!

the project

The Community Table Food Bank Garden will be in its 3rd year of operation this year! We are beyond excited to continue growing clean, safe produce for the Food Bank and local soup kitchens. However, due to the garden getting a little older, and losing our main fiscal backer last year, we are left in need of a bit of repair and TLC. We literally give EVERYTHING we grow away, so our mission is continued through the support of the community.

Our garden consists of 11 raised beds that are in great need of some yummy dirt and compost to build them back up, a few items to improve our irrigation, and we are also hoping to add a few new beds to increase our growing space, and build a small shade structure for our volunteers and garden visitors to enjoy and utilize during the hottest parts of the day. We are hoping to purchase 8 - 10 cubic yards of soil & compost, 16 new Ollas that we use for irrigation inside the beds, and the lumber, tools, and materials for the shade structure.

Once these repairs and improvements are completed, we'll have four new garden beds,  all of our beds will be irrigated, all of the beds will be topped off with delicious compost, and our garden workers will have a place to take a break during hot hours of chores!

the steps

Our compost will be ordered, delivered, and then worked into the beds by our volunteer staff at the beginning of the growing season.

The Ollas will be ordered in late Spring, early Summer, and buried into the last four un-irrigated beds to provide sufficient water to the plants.

The materials will be ordered for our simple shade structure in the Spring, and between a bit of professional help and our volunteer staff, we will build our shade structure over the Summer, hoping to have it completed by the end of this season.

why we're doing it

The Community Table Garden grows clean, safe produce that is directly donated to the Mid South Food Bank and local soup kitchens, helping to provide healthy food options to our most vulnerable neighbors in the Mid South area. The garden is also located on an otherwise empty city lot, adding beauty and life to the neighborhood, while being extremely productive in our gardening goals. We are in our third year of operation, and have provided about 2,000 lbs of fresh produce to the Food Bank and local Soup Kitchens since 2014. CT Garden sadly lost its main fiscal backer last year, so we are working to make up the difference so that we can continue this work that we feel is so important. EVERYONE should have access to clean, safe, healthy food, regardless of their socioeconomic status, or the hardships they may be facing in life. We look forward to improving the Garden, and increasing our growing opportunities.



DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 3/20/16):

RAISED = $2,610.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $75.00

$800 - $1,000 for Soil Compost Costs (8-10 cubic yards of compost @ $30-$40/each)

$300-$400 for Irrigation Materials and Shipment (8 Ollas @ $40-$50/each, Olla transport)

$1200-$1300 for Shade Structure Materials (Lumber, screws and nails, Tin for roof) and Drill purchase



$800 - $1,000 for Soil Compost Costs (8-10 cubic yards of compost @ $30-$40/each)

$300-$400 for Irrigation Materials and Shipment (8 Ollas @ $40-$50/each, Olla transport)

$1200-$1300 for Shade Structure Materials (Lumber, screws and nails, Tin for roof) and Drill purchase

SUBTOTAL = $2,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
Payment Processing Fee of 3%  $75



We Did It!

We did it y'all! We made our goal! We will have the campaign open through the end of the weekend.


Look for emails from us in the future for garden updates!


Sarah Taylor

Garden Manager


Wow Wow Wow! We can't thank you all enough! We are so very close to reaching our goal and I am confident that this last little bit will come in before next Wednesday, and we will indeed meet our goal!

I am so confident that we are already making plans to build our four new beds and have some yummy dirt and compost delivered! We can't wait! Stay tuned and look for upcoming emails from the garden with updates and photos of our progress! If you didnt leave us your email when you donated but you'd like to join our mailing list just send us an email to!

We appreciate you all! Let's get growing for 2016!


Sarah Taylor

Garden Manager

The Final Stretch

Hello everyone! It's the Final Stretch! We have less than ten days left, and less than 1000$ to our goal! And the best part is that EVERY DOLLAR IS MATCHED... so we really only need half of the remainder to make it to our goal! That's less than 500$! So share the campaign with all of your friends, pass it along to your family, SPREAD THE WORD!!! We are almost there!

THANK YOU all for all of your contributions, support, and encouragement! We wouldnt be here without you.


Sarah Taylor,

CT Garden Manager

We're Halfway There!

Hello Everyone!

We are halfway to the finsih line! Thanks for all of your help!

This week I wrote a Blog post about the Garden, why I started it, and what it means to me.

Check it out here:

Please SHARE this campaign with your friends and help us reach our goal!

xo~ Sarah Taylor, Garden Manager



On A Roll!

Woohoo! The campaign is going AMAZINGLY so far! We are about 1/3 of the way there after ONLY 3 DAYS!

Thank You SO MUCH to everyone who is spreading the word and making contributions of their own, we appreciate EVERY ONE OF YOU!!

Keep It Up!


Sarah Taylor, Garden Manager

GREAT first day!

WOW! What a GREAT 1st Day on our LIVE Campaign! We are officially 1/5 of the way there! Thanks SO MUCH to our donors, and let's keep this momentum going! Share the campaign with a friend!  xo - Sarah, Garden Manager


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