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William W
250 E 156th
The Bronx (Melrose)
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the project

Environmental education will be addressed by teaching the students the importance of plants on human wellness, and the environment. Children will work to understand plants and how out lives are effected by them every day.

the steps

The project is currently in phase 1 of the project. We will be building an indoor garden that the students will use to explore plant life and environmental concepts.

why we're doing it

Children will have access to plants and learn about what plants need to survive. Children will learn using planting and growing techniques to understand how they can benefit both financially and through healthy choices from the environment around them. Student swill be able to explore concepts in ecology such as pollution and homeostasis. By teaching kids about the environment and the plants they are surrounded by they will become better stewards of the environment in the future.


The project includes $100.00 for a shelving system
$250 for light fixtures
$100 will be used for lights
Seed trays, hardware like brackets and s hooks, and soils will be purchased with the remaining monies. We figure those expenses will cost us about $150.00
project total = $600
ioby fee=48


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