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the project

Garden of Jehovah Jireh: A community Garden in Evanston.

We are creating a community garden that will include a FREE curriculum for youth to participate in this project. We are partnering with organizations in our community to create an "Outdoor" classroom to teach our youth about growing their own food and learn how to be self-sustaining and further self-reliance especially in this new “normal”.  

The garden team will also engage in physical activity and collaboration with neighbors. We are hoping that by opening this garden to the youth of the community, it will help to deter crime, empower the youth to work together, and provide a safe environment where youth can be safe in our neighborhood.  

This project will use and open green space at The Village. The members of the garden team can share in the upkeep and harvests of the garden, including healthy and free fresh fruits and vegetables. We are energized and ready to begin this rewarding journey and are excited to see this garden grow, unfortunately our funds are very limited.

Here is where you can help.

While there is not a charge to use the greenspace at The Village, WE will need to purchase soil, tools, seeds, plantings, fencing, water hoses or watering cans, etc. Your gift will have a significant impact on the youth and our ability to start our garden.

the steps

We are currently in the preparation steps. With a group of volunteers from Christ Temple FGBC, we are cutting back the bushes, removing trash and litter, and breaking up the soil. We have had meetings with other community members that have started gardens to get advice.

Lastly, the High Achievers Aim High staff is creating the curriculum to outline the garden activities for the children that will participate

why we're doing it

After this past year, we realized that teaching self-sufficiency is missing from our community programs at The Village. We felt that we should be teaching and focusing on youth,- specifically how food is cultivated and grown.

Hopefully, we can inspire future gardeners and stewards of our environment.  Gardening will provide not only fresh vegetables and fruits for the children but expose their palates to new and exciting vegetables.  

Lastly, this will also give youth time outdoors in fresh air and to exercise, a safe place to come, and belong and also learn how to co-exist with others on a team working toward the same goals. 


  • Soil and  Compost - $1,320
  • Garden Tools: $1,300
  • Rain Barrels $265
  • Plants and Seeds $380
  • Pots for starting seeds: $115
  • Curriculum materials: $80
  • Fencing for entire Garden- $1040
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: $500


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