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the project

Delray Beach Children's Garden celebrated its first year providing an empowering and creative educational program amidst our tropical oasis of curated medicinal plants, exotic trees and unique labyrinth vegetable garden. Our unique learning garden is in full bloom! Our garden has grown significantly in its first year. Not only are we growing vegetables, fruits and herbs, we are growing the minds and experiences of children. We are also harvesting community and uniting people together in the spirit of nature. We aim to support our growing educational programming in the coming school year so we may invite even MORE children from ALL economic and cultural backgrounds to play, learn, explore and problem-solve together through hands-on learning and guided discovery in our lush garden. 

We are currently fundraising to support our expanding Science & Nature Program for the 2017-2018 school year. Please support our GROWING garden to be able to offer a plentiful season of field trips and classes in science & nature workshops, farm-to-table cooking classes, nature-based art classes, yoga sessions, woodworking, customized field trips and more!  

Our grassroots non-profit organization is lovingly built through the commitment, knowledge and expertise of our unique team of horticulturists, teachers and volunteers. We provide education, mentorship and an empowering opportunity for children to explore science and nature hands-on. Our creative and diverse curriculum appeals to all ages, learning abilities, cultures and economic backgrounds. Delray Beach Children's Garden continue to GROW and FLOURISH through the devoted time of volunteers and the generous donations of our supporters. 

Our fundraising campaign will allow us to acquire educational materials, gardening tools, and facility supplies, as well as provide scholarships to students who will attend our diverse programming. We aim to serve MORE youth this year with an interesting array of educational and arts materials. We are asking for donations to help us reach our fundraising goal of $11,000 by November 15th. Please share our campaign with your friends, family, and social media network to help us spread the word.Thank you for your support!

the steps

Delray Beach Children's Garden intends to immediately acquire educational materials such as microscopes, telescopes, easels, art supplies, garden tools, edible plants, musical instruments, blender, cooking supplies, and many other important supplies and materials to prepare for our year-round outdoor educational classes. We will also update the garden grounds with improved seating, solar panels and workshop space amenities. 

Our Science & Nature Exploration Program aims to serve more children this year and reach a broader community of youth from a diverse population and age range including pre-schoolers, home-schoolers, elementary/secondary/high school groups and curious nature explorers. Our volunteer team is growing strong and we are excited to expand our children’s program! 

why we're doing it

Nature is our playground, and science is ours to discover. We recognize the growing need and desire for children to experience more time outdoors exploring nature. We honor child-led learning, hands-on education and independent discoveries. We invite curious questions, love interesting ideas, welcome dynamic cultural immersions and encourage getting immersed in our natural surroundings. Our green space inspires children to experience the interconnectedness of all things. Our fenced garden allows young participants to explore the outdoors safely and meet other members of our community who also adore learning about nature and science, growing vegetables, digging for millipedes and climbing trees! 

Delray Beach Children’s Garden is committed to expanding children's experience and understanding of growing vegetables and fruits, learning about eco-systems, sustainability and composting, and exploring science and nature outdoors through hands-on learning and guided discovery of the natural world!  In addition to our educational experience in nature, the magic of our communal garden also provides an inspiring and healing haven for our visitors. A majority of us are exposed to an increased amount of indoor activity and sensory overload in today's modern world. Our garden is a special piece of paradise with its lush landscape, soothing smells and peaceful vibes. 


We thank you in advance for your financial support to help our fundraiser to succeed!  We look forward to sharing our continuously growing Delray Beach Children's Garden with our students, visitors, members and community of nature explorers. 


Disbursed budget (11.6.17):

Although we didn't reach our full goal, we're excited to use the funds for our nature science program specifically for materials that we will use for our 4H Program and for our Homeschooling Program. Thank you for your support!

RAISED = $2,634.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $75.70

Original budget:

PLEASE SUPPORT "A GARDEN GROWS: Science & Nature Exploration at Delray Beach Children's Garden"

Project Fundraising Goal: $11,000

Sponsorship for Student Participation:
  • After our supplies list is fulfilled, all funds will go towards our sponsorship program for children to attend our classes and workshops
Educational Supplies:
  • Microscope (6)
  • Telescope (2)
  • Easels (10) 
  • Paint
  • Rolls of Paper
  • Craft Supplies (Scissors, Glue, Markers, etc.)
  • Musical Instruments (Drums, Triangles, Bells, Shakers, etc.)
  • Children's Nature-Based Story Books
  • Blender
  • Cooking Supplies
  • Woodworking Supplies

Garden Supplies:

  • Edible Plants, Native Plants, Medicinal Plants
  • Seeds
  • Exotic Trees
  • Tools (Trowels, Shovels)
  • Trellis
  • Clay Pots (Large & Small)
  • Ceramic Pots (Large & Small)
  • Rope
Facility Supplies:
  • Outdoor Seating/Tables
  • Children's Benches and Chairs
  • Solar Panel to Run Water Pump
  • Sand for Sandbox
  • Garbage Receptacles
  • Pond supplies (Long Handle Filter Nets, Fish food, etc.)
  • Rabbit care supplies/Veterinary costs

Project Subtotal =  $11,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $330
Total to raise on ioby = $11,365



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