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Thank you! Bronx Guild garden started!

the project

Through teaching youth how to grow food and care for chickens they also learn how to maintain green space. To keep the quality of the food high, it is very important to remove weeds, trash, and any item that is invasive. Therefore, the environment also benefits from us running a community garden. Our project improves the air quality and the overall mood of the community. Students feel better because they are eating better and because they are improving the overall health of the environment. This project also emphazies the importance of recycling and reusing resources.

the steps

First (1) Recruit some students from school to help put up posters around school. Step(2) Form a group of students to clean up and prepare the garden for planting over the summer. Step(3) To set up a planting, maintenance, and harvesting schedule for the farm. (4) Host events that allow students to taste the food and also prepare it.

why we're doing it

We want to teach youth how to grow plants and eat the healthier food that we grow. We also want to show our peers how to care for the environment through farming. Science class was not interesting until our teacher introduced live chickens. Once we got the chickens we were interested in finding out what they eat, what type of environment they can live in, and so on. I think growing plants in the garden and also utilizing the eggs from the chickens gives students a better understanding of where their food come from. This project will address the need for people to have more control over what they eat and how it is prepared. Our project not only addresses environmental problems but also addresses health.


Corn seeds $7.00, two bags of Fertilizer $25,ten pack Tomato seed $10.00,10 bags pepper seeds $20.00, Carrot seeds $15, Eggplant 4 pack $10,Tape $5.00, 20 Posters $25.00 , 5 pack Mesclun seeds $15.00 project total = $150 ioby fee = $12


Thank you! Bronx Guild garden started!


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