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the project

My name is Robert Gantt, and I am the Founder of Care About People. We work to provide technology-based solutions to everyday problems. Technology is used to better the lives of each individual child and the disabled. Over the past years, CAP has been offering artistic and creative development programs to enrich the lives of at-risk youth with the aim of offering opportunities to aspiring young talent. We want children from all parts of our community to be able to have their voices heard by creating a safe environment in which they can showcase their talents.

Overall we are good and resilient people but sometimes we fail to notice what’s right in front of us you see I am dyslexic by talking to me and by listening to me you would never know there is many of us out here in the United States that has difficulty in reading and comprehension that’s why we don’t want our children to miss out on the great possibilities that this world has to give them you see I’ve learned not to let my situation stop me considering I have a 100% nonprofit program going on right now I would be so much further  if I didn’t have this problem but would help from others allow me to do what I have done so far you see we all need help sometime and with your help putting together a future walk in the park this summer and every summer for years to come on May 27th this day would be the day with elderly and youth will come together and enjoy each other, with love and respect and also a chance that the youth can show the elders what is yet to come in their future, there will be things needed to help this become a success along with donations of time, and audio equipment. This will leave enough time to get this done, please help this cause. Let Lorain County have a good story for the news!

the steps

  • Ready to launch by May 5th
  • Obtain flyers for event
  • Prepare social media posts
  • Reach out to local radio stations for PSA notices
  • Notify nursing homes and retirement homes
  • Invite at least twenty children to share and read stories aloud
  • Decide on a host for the event
  • Reach out to partner with other innovative organizations and highlight their work
  • Look to hire carpenters skilled in making stage sets for plays

why we're doing it

Active older adults can serve as role models for youth and help dispel stereotypes of seniors. This event brings together the old and young, and together we can fight ageism by showing participants of all ages a new level of respect for the abilities of each generation.


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  • LED Eyeglasses 20 pair  - $17.99  each =  $360
  • Security drones 4 at $39.98 each  = $160
  • Audio equipment 50 pair $319.00 a set  = $2,004.68
  • T-shirts  - 30, shirts $20.00 each = $600
  • Food for everyone - $1000
  • Advertising - $475
  • Take away bags - $370


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