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the project

Future Ink Graphics’ unique gallery openings will be a part of FIG’s official launch in fall of 2021.  Loss of income from Covid-19, shutdowns, and the lack of support for individual creatives was the impetus for FIG’s creation. FIG is designed to specifically help creative entrepreneurs. The gallery space aims to support creatives by promoting their work at the Pivot Center of Art, Dance, and Expression as well as to a national audience online.

Future Ink Graphics is a new maker-space for professional, emerging and student graphic designers and digital and silkscreen artists. FIG provides space and equipment, along with educational programs, entrepreneurial resources, and mentoring to help develop and advance individual artists, with the goal of strengthening the larger creative community. FIG’s mission is to foster the development and advancement of Cleveland designers, artists, and youth, bringing economic opportunities and arts education to the Clark-Fulton neighborhood. 

FIG’s silkscreen print shop, computer lab, and storefront will be housed in a 2,670 sq ft space in the Pivot Center for Art, Dance, and Expression at 2937 W.25th St. Cleveland, OH. 44113. The Pivot Center is home to the Cleveland Museum of Art, Inlet Dance, LatinUs Theater, ICA - Art Conservation, the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, Rainey Institute, La Mega Media radio station, and others.  This newly renovated, three-story, historic place (formerly the Astrup Building) aims to change the story of Seymour Avenue and the Clark-Fulton neighborhood.

the steps

Summer 2021 - With support, FIG’s team will begin to prep and arrange the exhibition space and create a calendar for public shows. They will also purchase software for exhibitions to be displayed online as well. This includes researching the best platform for displaying work online.  

Late Summer/Early Fall 2021- Once the online gallery space is complete, the FIG team will reach out to local artists to inquire about exhibiting their work, arranging shows and scheduling reception dates and events.  

Fall 2021- Next the team will have to sort, categorize, and upload large quantities of images and information from a variety of artists and designers. 

Fall/Winter 2021 – FIG hosts its first gallery opening and online exhibition. 



why we're doing it

FIG's gallery will promote creatives and market them to a diverse audience both locally and nationally. Having a dedicated space at the entrance of the Pivot Center allows artists to get the most visibility and reach unique audiences from those visiting the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Community Art Space and LatinUS Theater performances, along with other patrons entering the building to go to the dozen organizations housed in the arts complex. FIG will drive economic development by supporting artists, entrepreneurs and youth in the newly established arts hub in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood of Cleveland. To assure FIG’s success, and provide opportunities to the neighborhood, FIG needs support to launch its community initiatives, whose main goal is to provide creatives with resources and platforms to better their practice and increase exposure of their work and talents. Covid-19 brought the reality that there is little support for entrepreneurs during times of economic hardship. FIG was created to help those entreprenuers get recognition for their work and FIG's unique gallery is designed to do just that.




Disbursed budget 7.6.21: 

TOTAL RAISED = $6,627.10
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $108.82


Original budget:

  1. Gallery equipment: $600 (paint, spackle, ladder, screws, drill, etc)
  2. Laptop and software for online exhbition : $1,600
  3. 2 personnel: $3,000
  • prepping gallery, connecting with artists, creating gallery policies and proceducres, purchasing equipement and hanging shows
  •  online research and image uploading, virtual gallery filming and marketing
  1. Grand opening reception: $500 (chairs and tables, refreshments) 
  2. Marketing materials: $600 (design and prinitng) 
  3. Commision fee: $200

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)    N/A
"ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)"    $107




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