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the project

The Ohio City Bicycle Co-op (OCBC) is a volunteer-driven, cooperative bicycle education center that works under the tenets of respect, resourcefulness, and reciprocity. They offer fully refurbished bikes for sale or rent, riding and repair classes, public shop use and repair assistance, hands-on learning, and volunteering for shop credit. Normally, kids and adults can Earn A Bike by doing bike repair tasks in the shop, and by learning and practicing safe-cycling skills. By completing this program, participants earn a refurbished basic mountain bike, with a new helmet and lock, and gain the knowledge to maintain and use it safely. They ask everyone with means to pay with money for items that need to be bought, like locks or brake cables, and they give $5/hour in shop credits to everyone who volunteers, which they may use to buy any donated items and for shop use. This is part of what they mean by “reciprocity.”

But for some, being able to pay the cost of items in the shop or making spare time to volunteer can be difficult.  In those circumstances, the OCBC makes an exception, instead of asking that people pay/volunteer whatever they can, and the OCBC will cover the rest. This policy is the Pay What You Can program. People who can’t afford to pay and/or volunteer aren’t made to, while the people that can are asked to do so more often to cover for those who can’t. Many who benefit from the Pay What You Can program are “necessity cyclists,” people that have to use bikes as their main form of transportation because they don’t have access to cars. In the Central neighborhood of Cleveland, 78% of residents don’t have access to a car. Covid-19 is also creating a greater need for bikes and the Pay What You Can program, especially with health guidelines making volunteering impossible.

To keep the shop open to serve the Cleveland community, OCBC has to pay rent, utilities, insurance, and fairly compensate their small, full-time staff. The goal of this fundraiser is to establish a fund that will offset the cost of bikes and labor costs associated with the Pay What You Can program so that the OCBC can continue to serve its mission, now and in the future. 

Below are testimonials from actual people who’ve benefited from the Pay What You Can program. They highlight the positive impact it can have on the lives of people that need a bike.

“I had my bicycle stolen… OCBC staff informed me of the many immediately available [options,] whole bicycles and the different programs and payment options OCBC has for making these bicycles available to the public. I selected an option that allowed me to participate in preparing a bike for immediate roadworthiness in consideration for volunteer service at OCBC as my income consists solely of a pension award from the Veterans Administration.” - Ryan, 2019

“Unfortunately I made a series of bad decisions after a death in my family. That lead me to prison for six months and now I am trying to put my life together and be there for my pregnant girlfriend. I literally got out today and start working tonight...If I didn't have my bike it would take me double the amount of time to get to work. And that would be taking valuable time away from being there for my girlfriend.” - Terry, 2019

“I am unable to [volunteer/pay] at this time because I am enrolled in [a]  pharmacy tech program at Cuyahoga Community College...I am a [40-year-old] immigrant since 2013 to join my family in Cleveland. A working bicycle would be a small miracle as I commute to my classes, grocery shopping, medical appointments, laundry mat, library, music stores, [and] church...with a bicycle, I also home to prepare dinner in a timely manner.” - David, 2019

“Darius has been in abusive foster care since age 10...when he opened up to his psychologist about the abusive foster home, he was immediately removed by the police from this home...he considers me his best friend...He told me I’m the only one who cares about him without getting paid to care. I can't afford to buy him a bike this year since my finances have changed. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” - Darius, 2017

the steps

All money raised will go directly to the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op fund for the Pay What You Can program. The bike co-op uses the money to:

  • Buy bicycles for the Co-op
  • Buy parts and fix said bicycles
  • Offset charges for people in need of the Pay What You Can program who are unable to volunteer to earn their bikes or pay fully

why we're doing it

CWRU cycling is a team of students who simply love bicycles and are dedicated to introducing any and all new members to the world of cycling. Usually our focus resides on campus, but national circumstances have shown us the need to expand our scope to the entire Cleveland area and give back to the community that supports us, now more than ever. And being a cycling team, what better way to give back than through bikes? 

For many, biking is just a hobby or leisure activity, but for others, it is a necessary mode of transportation. Their only way to get from here to there. We recognize the immense utility bikes can have and the sense of empowerment they can offer. But, as beneficial as bikes can be, they are not affordable to everyone. That is where our friends at the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op (OCBC) come in. They want to make bikes available and affordable to everyone, period. And with their Pay What You Can program, they are doing just that - fixing up bikes for all folks without qualifiers like “if they can afford it” or “if they are nice and help in the shop.” Their motto is to “help people use bikes” no matter what, and it comes from their belief that they should treat everyone the way they would have liked to be treated if they were in their place. We could all use a little more of that right now.

CWRU Cycling supports the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op because we believe in their mission and mindset. To show our support, we will be riding 3000 miles as a team throughout the month of October while raising money for them and their Pay What You Can program. 

By supporting the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op and their Pay What You Can program, you would be supporting equal access to bikes and the opportunities they provide to their owners.



Disbursed budget:

$3210 would get 21 refurbished bikes with necessary accessories, at $150 each, to those in need, AS WELL, 1 bike repaired (brought in by a PWYC recipient)
OR $3210 would get 53 bikes brought in by PWYC recipients repaired. AS WELL, 1 PWYC recipient to receive the accessories they need to ride safely. 
OR $3210 would get 107 PWYC recipients the accessories they need to ride safely -- a good helmet, lock, and lights

The extra $4.50 is hard to allocate, but the PWYC program has a wide variety of offerings for its recipients. A more inexpensive item for bike repair could be given to someone in need with the $4.50.

TOTAL RAISED = $3,350.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $100.50

Original budget:

All of the funds raised will be used by Ohio City Bicycle Co-op’s Pay What You Can program, which makes bikes available and affordable to everyone by simply allowing recipients to pay whatever they can. Examples of how the funds will be used: 

  • $3000 would get 20 refurbished bikes with necessary accessories, at $150 each, to those in need
  • $3000 would get 50 bikes brought in by PWYC recipients repaired
  • $3000 would get 100 PWYC recipients the accessories they need to ride safely -- a good helmet, lock, and lights

ioby Platform Fee     $35
"ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)"    $94
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $3,129
Donation processing fees apply to donations only. 100% of match funding goes to projects. Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.    


October Mile Total!

Part of CWRU Cycling's mission for this fundraiser was, to not only raise money for the amazing work the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op is doing, but to also show our support by riding a sum of at least 3000 miles as a team throughout October. I'm proud to announce that we crushed our riding goal by having ridden 4772 miles as a team in October!


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