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Post-Campaign Update 2: Early Access is upon us!

the project

We seek $5,000 to jumpstart the development of this co-working and creatives focused community center on East 185th, in my neighborhood of Collinwood.

Full Spectrum is a facility concept that will provide communities with a unique blend of creative tools, technology, education, and Maker support within a community center. It can become a one­-stop destination in our community for entertainment, creativity, and self­-expression because of our focus on digital and next­-generation creative media. It is a membership-based concept where membership is free and access to the space is available at affordable flat prices.

The first Full Spectrum facility, GamerHaven, will be a games-culture focused space. Providing all the technology and resources needed to play games, make games, and appreciate gaming also supplies the resources for many other creative and productive endeavors. From document printing to games development, 3D printing to music & audio production, if it is a modern area of creativity or production, we will offer the tools necessary to support those kinds of expression. Education on how to use these tools in current daily life, as well as empowering young people to the possibilities of employment in fields reliant on creativity and technology, is a critical piece of making the concept something that creates positive impact on our community and is something we take seriously.

Because 818 East 185th has often served as a cafe, we will keep some of this functionality in the space as well, providing a cafe service during morning and evening rush hours. Part of Full Spectrum's concept is in supporting creatives doing their business, so all of the food services offered will be created by members; from coffee products using Blackwater Roasters' beans to baked goods from local bakers.

In order to begin development of this space, we need to secure the venue, begin to redevelop the space to be able to accomodate the tools and technology that would fill it, and acquire the principal tool in supporting small businesses in our neighborhood, a top-of-the-line Sharp multifunction printer. This $5,000 would begin our process of creating what we see as a powerful and modern resource that can bring together people of all kinds and empower Collinwood to continue in is growth.

the steps

  1. Pay the first month of the lease (within 1-2 days of funding)
  2. Paint and organize the space for the tools and technology (within 7-10 days of funding)
  3. Acquire Sharp MX-3070 (or equivalent) Multifunction Printer (within 10-14 days of funding)
  4. Have soft launch of GamerHaven, and 30 days after have full-launch with more robust technology offerings (within 21 days of funding)

why we're doing it

I started developing this idea in 2006, three years after graduating from Collinwood High School and 2 years after marrying the love of my life. Video Games and creativity have been the most powerful drivers of growth and happiness in my life, and I have wanted to create a way for people who may not see the value in them like I did to be exposed to it.

I believe, more deeply than anything, that many times what prevents people from achieving the heights they seek is an inability to access the resources that would get them there. Nothing about the place I'm from held me back, nothing about being a person from here held me back, and the people in my community are all equally or even more capable than I am when given the chance to be. 

With Full Spectrum GamerHaven specifically, I believe we can fundamentally change how we see ourselves. While it seems as simple as making a co-working space with technology and creative tools, by fusing kinds of art that rarely are put together and making the only barriers to access agreement of our principles (membership) and a low price, I think my neighbors will surprise me, and themselves, with just how much they can do when given the resources.


Disbursed Budget

Raised = $4,820.00

less ioby Platform Fee $35.00

less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $221.53

less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $132.92

Total to disburse = $4,430.56

1 Month Rent 1,700

1 month Office Equipment Rental - $700

Supplies to design space $830.56

Wiring and Preparation for Technology Installation $500

Tables, Seating, and Desks $700


Original Budget

  • 1 Month Rent (1,700)

  • 2 months Office Equipment Rental (1,400)

  • Supplies to design space (Paint, etc.) (700)

  • Wiring and Preparation for Technology Installation (500)

  • Tables, Seating, and Desks (700)


Project Subtotal =  $5,000

ioby Platform Fee  $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150

ioby Fiscal Fee (5%) $250

Total to raise on ioby = $5,435


Post-Campaign Update 2: Early Access is upon us!

Hi friends!

It's been a long time since I've updated here, but it's been more than active! Using this funding as a base, I was able to secure enough assets to further acquire near complete funding for the base buildout of the GamerHaven facility! Thanks to a friend, I was pointed to Noteworthy Federal Credit Union, and they provided the business financing I used to buy screens, systems, and other hardware that will make GamerHaven a space that supports modern games culture.

The classic and games creation portions of games culture are still in progress, upon securing those partners I'll be sure to update more.

We've painted the space, added some furniture, and designed the skeleton of what a Full Spectrum facility should be. GamerHaven's games focus is built on that system; Master Collective designing and guiding education and community use will be the fiscal support to the concept needed to lead Full Spectrum to success.

So, because we've gotten so much accomplished, instead of waiting until we further finished procuring resources to share the progress we looked to gaming for examples that would allow us to share while in progress. And like many gamers in 2017 know, the 'Early Access' concept is useful and pervasive in PC we are borrowing that idea for our space!

Thursday and Friday, October 26th and 27th, we're opening the space up in an Early Access capacity! Thursday is an open house, where people can access GamerHaven, learn about our offerings, and contribute to its development. Friday is our first Full Spectrum Wing Night, commemorating the Stranger Things season 2 release. For 20 dollars you get a sampling of Stranger chicken wing (and vegetarian alternative) flavors, the specialty italian soda flavors we plan to offer during cafe hours, and binge the whole season with us (along with other Stranger Things activities).

If you can make it out, We are looking forward to it!

Following the Early Access events, I'll update how future openings will work, including how all of you who supported at the necessary levels can come see your names commemorated in plaque form or with your free Access Passes!

Thank you again, this progress is awe-inspiring, and significantly to your credit!

- Robert

Post-Campaign Update 1: Complete gratitude

Hey friends,

I wanted to take a moment to thank every single one of you that contributed, either in money, time, or enthusiasm. This campaign launched with, what I thought going in, was an absurdly lofty goal of $5,000 to kickstart and legitimize this Full Spectrum concept. Given the fact that it is a difficult and multifaceted idea, and that I didn't utilize traditional promotional strategies to push it, I would have been completely satisfied with 1/3rd of what I asked.

The whole point was to get enough funds to secure our space and begin coordinating, developing, and refining the idea--so long as I could keep the space we selected secure, we were on good footing.

...and then you all blew me away with the reaction to this campaign. Your support gave me energy.

We successfully raised $4,820 of our stated $5,000 goal, and after accounting for ioby's fees recieved $4,430.56. This money is going to begin Full Spectrum: GamerHaven's creation in earnest.

To this point paid September's lease payment, began the work of designing the space and resources we seek to have available at launch, and are now prcuring further financing to get those resources in place. From game systems to computers, sound insulation and point of sale hardware...GamerHaven at open will at the very least be able to serve our community in multiple ways, even if it isn't fully fleshed out. This is somewhat a blessing, because the people will help guide me to the tools and access they find most useful.

This week I will update even more details about how we're coming together, when you can expect to visit, and more.

Until then, again, I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. This concept is a dream of mine, and without you it wouldn't be so close. We'll talk soon!

- Robert


Hey all,

I wanted to send heartfelt thank yous to every person that's shared, donated, or reached out about supporting this project. It's been a long time coming, and I had no idea how, exactly, the people in my life and around me would react to it.

Because it's a bit unwieldy, with so many potentials, Full Spectrum is quite a bit to grasp and I am learning better ways of communicating what it is every day. I feared my inability to express the totality of Full Spectrum's potential would doom the project.

I should have known better than to fear that. My community is smart, and learns very quickly on how to grow itself when given a chance to.


Creating a space that serves as a membership co-working space, venue for conferences or parties or community get-togethers, home for enthusiasm around different artforms, and hub for education on the tech and techniques that make those work is a mouthful. But I believe housing all of these potentials together strengthen each one, and by offering my community the flexibility of use it can learn what it likes best, and learn about things not often found around here.

Add on top of that the video games culture support that GamerHaven specifically will have, and the cafe incubation capacity it has...and we get something quite unique.




I can't wait to see how this campaign continues to go. No matter how it does, the initial boost I got from your support will forever have me in your debt.

If you can, please continue to share, donate, and talk to me about how we can make Full Spectrum: GamerHaven something that fundamentally changes how creativity and productivity can improve life in Collinwood and Greater Cleveland.




Robert L. Gatewood


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