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the project

One of Memphis' older parks, Gaisman has hosted over five decades of Memphians. From children playing baseball in the park to seniors gathering to dance in the community center, Gaisman has played an integral part in bringing the community together. Sadly, like the facilities in many parks across the country, the facilities in Gaisman Park have fallen into disrepair.  Many factors led to this-  the desolution of the park commission, discontinuation of certain programs, and a population shift.   For the past five years, the Friends of Gaisman have been working with the city to revitalize the park.  Our efforts in removing obsolete structures, improving the walking path, and eliminating trash in the park have resulted in more people noticing how beautiful Gaisman really is. Slowly, and with the help of some great organizations, park attendance has begun to rise.

Indeed, a great resurgence had begun in Gaisman and Berclair!  Our park is more lively and diverse than ever. It is our goal to build on this resurgence and create a space that reflects our diversity and energy.  We want to bring our entire community together to make this happen.  We intend to have a day where we can improve and  appreciate, Gaisman Park and celebrate the people who live and play in it!

the steps

November 2017 through early February 2018- We will identify areas that can be improved.

Early February 2018-  We will assemble our team. We will include people who are the best and brightest at affecting change in our neighborhood and whose dedication is unwavering.

February through March- We will reach out to several churches and organizations in our community and ask them to join us in this celebration of nature and community.

March 2018-  We will be acquire materials, schedule volunteers, and finalize our plans for food and entertainment.

April 5-12-  We will paint the boards for and prepare the exterior surfaces of the park's benches.  

April 14 Project Day!-  We will build flower beds and plant flowers.  We will install freshly painted wood on park benches and pressure wash our great park entrance. Capping off the morning, we will celebrate Gaisman, Berclair and our community with a block party complete with food, games and fun.

why we're doing it

Instilling pride through beautification helps reduce crime. Giving our children a safe, clean environment within which to grow and play is our duty. Getting neighbors to engage with one another and work towards a common goal increases our stability as a community.


Medford Roofing is happy to support this project!
Berclair/Graham Neighborhood Watch supports Gaisman Park and hope that all our neighbors will join in.
Thank you Medford Roofing! Your donation is greatly appreciated.
Thank you Christ Community Church! Your donation is greatly appreciated.
Thank you Girl Scout Troop 13173! Your donation is greatly appreciated.
Thank you Ms. Love, your donation is greatly appreciated.



DJ - Coach Neal from Kingsbury High School $100.00
Sand blasting of signs and power washing - Luis Zamora  $300.00
Plants from lowes for flower beds and planter boxes $324.63
Pro-mix soil from Nature's Earth - 8 yards $265.00
Inflateables - Carlos 2 bouncers $150.00
Painbt supplies - Harobor Freight $45.19
Teather ball - amazon $18.56
Prime work for benches and sign prior to event day $70.00

RAISED = $1,339.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
Payment Processing Fee (3%) $37.98




Wood, paint and hardware for Park benches-                         $350

Plants, planter boxes, soil, and mulch-                                     $600

Improvements to park amenities-                                            $200

Food and entertainment-                                                          $650

Project Subtotal =  $1,800
ioby Platform Fee- $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)- $54
Total to raise on ioby = $1,889

3/21/18: Check received offline for $600, helping us surpass the original goal of $1,800!



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