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3207 W, 153rd Street
(Cleveland's West Park neighborhood)
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the project

Friends of Impett Park is a resident led initiative to improve the conditions and build community at Impett. Over the past nearly two-years residents have identified public art as priority. This mural project would be on the Western side of the pool house at Impett Park and will take up the entirety of the surface area. Specifically, this mural installation would take a paint by number approach to allow residents the opportunity to both help develop the design or the mural but also help paint the installation. Both mural artists have successfully led these types of high participation installations so the project is positioned for success.

Again, put simply, the goal of the project is to improve the conditions of the park while building community. 

the steps

List includes:

(1) Resident feedback planning 

(2) Resident feedback sessions – one online and one in-person

(3) Design work 

(4) Plan installation – including supply planning & coordination with the City

(5) Ongoing volunteer recruitment 

(6) Site preparation 

(7) Weekend of installation

(8) Artist final work on site 

(9) Resident celebration event & “ribbon cutting”


why we're doing it

Impett Park is a 35-acre city park located on the southwest corner of West 153rd and Montrose Avenue. While the park has incredible potential it has unfortunately suffered from deferred maintenance for a number of years. Friends of Impett Park (FOIP) is a resident-led effort committed to making Impett the park that residents deserve. FOIP’s approach is inclusive, and we have worked hard to educate ourselves on a wide range of topics including city processes & parking funding, environmental justice, and public art. 


FOIP have been actively working on a number of initiatives for nearly two-years. Two core priorities of FOIP are:


COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: Bring FOIP members together in the planning and execution of this project. FOIP will build community and foster a sense of ownership and stewardship among neighbors. Centering neighbors around this goal will forge relationships across lines of social and political differences and reduce feelings of social isolation. 


RECLAIM PUBLIC SPACE: The mural will reactivate and beautify public space for people of all ages to enjoy together. The mural design will be the product of several rounds of resident feedback.



Artist commissions:



$3,000.00 (paint, varnish, brushes & tarping + some materials will be provided via in-kind contributions)

Foodrefreshments, & materials for volunteer teams:


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