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Thank you to our donors!

the project

     Friends of Chelsea Greenline will form to give North Memphis residents a strong, projected voice in the use, sustenance, and community connections involved with the future 2.5 mile Chelsea Greenline.  Stretching from Chelsea and Evergreen all the way to Washington Park, the Chelsea Greenline will prove influential on the residents of North Memphis.  FCG will form to ensure that all coming influences will be as productive and inclusive as possible for North Memphis residents.

     FCG will form to address the needs of  future facilities, greenline usage, greenline security, trash removal, community events, education, fundraising, community connections, and publicity.

     FCG will seek the support of community residents, schools, businesses, colleges,  churches, current city park administration, Wolf River Greenway, and etc. We are seeking such support to acquire the assistance needed to implement our future endeavors.

In the pilot year of  March 2016-March 2017, we seek to do the following:

·      Create a legitimate presence with a logo and possible website and/or mobile app

·      Hold community meetings to gather members and monetary support

·      Host community engagement opportunities to promote future Greenline usage

·      Implement a direct mail campaign in the zip code of 38107

·      Establish a future agreement for office space within a community or business location

·      Be recognized under the fiscal sponsorship of Our Grass Our Roots, non-profit organization based in North Memphis

the steps

March 2016

·      FCG Interest Meeting for potential members and supporters

·      ioby campaign to raise funds to implement FCG

April- June 2016

·      Logo creation and website design

·      Direct Mail Campaign to gain more members and supporters for FCG in the 38107, 38108 zip code

·      FCG Interest Meeting for potential members and supporters

·      Organization of Board, responsible parties, liaisons and connections

July-August 2016

·      Community Engagement opportunities on the west and east ends of Chelsea Avenue

September-November 2016

·      Planning for Holiday community engagement in Dec 2016

·      FCG meeting to develop plan of action for 2017

December 2016

·      Holiday community engagement

January-March 2016

·      FCG will negotiate for contractual usage of community or business space within 38107

why we're doing it

Greater Memphis Greenline developed a vision in 2004 that included transforming the area of North Memphis into a greener and cleaner area with the creation of a 2.5 mile Greenline.  The Chelsea Greenline  will trek over the once used Union Pacific Railway to create a “world class recreational park/hiking-biking trail system.  This trail system will help people engage with their neighbors and move to the sidewalk instead of the sofa.” (

With some North Memphis residents not knowing about the project until January 2016, we were too late to voice our opinion on its arrival.  However, with proper planning, funding, and advocacy formation, we can assure ourselves a seat at the table when it comes time to discuss design, implementation, usage, sustenance, community engagement.  We are taking this time to become a proactive force instead of an uninformed, reactive one.

North Memphis needs some help in revitalization, but the true transformation will always be in the privilege and responsibility of true North Memphis citizens.



RAISED = $1,743.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $49.75

Meeting Needs = $400
Snacks and Water, Space Usage, printed Materials
FCG Formation = $500
Logo Creation, website design, fiscal sponsorship administrative fee
Community Engagement= $500
Promotion for September advocacy project, education, handouts and other
Remaning $258 will be placed in a bank account under the fiscal sponsor to
be used only for FCG board approved expenditures



Meeting Needs =                                                                                   $600

Food, Space usage, Printed materials, Handouts

FCG Formation =                                                                                  $500

Logo creation, website design, fiscal sponsorship administrative fee

Direct Mail Campaign =                                                                       $750

Community Engagement =                                                                  $1000

Programs, advocacy, vendor usage, education, handouts and other literature

Remaining $510 will be placed in a bank account under the fiscal sponsor to be used only for FCG board approved expenditures

SUBTOTAL = $3,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
Payment Processing Fee of 3%  $105



Thank you to our donors!


Interest Meeting #1

Hi donors and supporters!

Frends of Chelsea Greenline had its first interest meeting on March 10 at The First Tee of Memphis! We had over 15 community members come out in the rain to learn about becoming more involved!


Our next interest meeting will be April 7 at 5:30pm!  Location will be announced Monday! Thanks for everything!


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