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the project

The development of the Fremont Temporary Greenspace Project has become a focus project for MainStreet of Fremont in 2017.  We believe that transforming vacant land, unusable areas, and even parking lots or unique spaces within the downtown is an asset that can help grow our downtown to be resilient, sustainable, and competitive.  A growing body of evidence shows that managed green spaces reduces crime, increases property values and improves health. In addition, these spaces are proven to cost less per acre to maintain than vacant buildings.  Our plan is to implement a temporary greenspace/pop-up-park with support and input from building owners, business owners and the community.  This pilot program is the first of its kind in Fremont and is sure to be instrumental in developing dialogue with regard to feasible and practicable uses for vacant or derelict land. 

The Fremont Greenspace Project will allow us the opportunity to practice and promote the value of landscape architecture, increase visual appearance, community engagement, and identify opportunities for long term and permanent projects. This program is part of a larger strategy to create vibrant outdoor spaces and generate public awareness and involvement in the city’s future development. 


the steps

MainStreet of Fremont will be working in tandem with other community members, business and building owners, project partners and collaborators such as: The City of Fremont, the Downtown Business Improvement District, Fremont Creative Collective, Keep Fremont Beautiful, and countless volunteers.  Together we will fulfill and execute a timeline of community input, survey analysis, installation, maintenance, events and activities, teardown and finally cleanup.  Success of the project will be measured by site attendance and community involvement.  Events and activities for people of all ages will include: art shows, outdoor movie night, concerts, unique recreational experiences, and even potential social, ethnic, and cultural events.

Data collected from the use of the site will afford us the opportunity to determine if a formal and permanent project of such scale would be warranted in downtown Fremont and how the area is affected (i.e. parking, unknown affects to commercial retailers and residents alike, impact for potential economic development, requests for usage, cost to sustain, as well as impact to city services, etc.).

why we're doing it

The appearance and aesthetic value of the downtown district is very important.  It not only portrays a sense of pride in the downtown, but it enhances the community’s sense of character and identity.  By creating this unique greenspace area we are fulfilling our mission to improve to the image and appearance of the downtown area in a sustainable and tangible way. 


Disbursed Budget

Raised = $9,200.00

less ioby Platform Fee $35.00

less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $266.94

Total to disburse = $8,898.06

Sod $650.00 

Movie Night $0.00

Trees and lighting $7,898.06

City Expense $0.00

Clean-Up $250.00

Signage $100.00

Insurance in-kind

Rentals $0.00


Original Budget

Sod - $2,000.00 (Groundscape)

Movie Night - $500.00 (Audio/Visual Expense)

Trees and lighting - $8,000.00 (Muliple Landscaping sources)

City Expense - $500.00 (City of Fremont)

Clean-Up - $1,000.00 (Cleanup Spray Down)

Signage - $100.00 (Most signage will be in-kind)

Insurance - $500.00 (INSPRO)

Rentals - $1,500.00 (Downtown Rental)

Subtotal = $14,100

ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $423

Total to raise = $14,558


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