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the project

Thank you for considering making a gift to support Jazz in NWA! The goal of this project is for The Northwest Arkansas Jazz Society to present free jazz concerts and programs for all ages. We would use your gift and IOBY matching funds to:

  • Produce free concerts as part of our summer concert series
  • Provide support for our monthly jazz jams
  • Help student musicians expand their performance opportunities, and
  • Develop an educational jazz showcase to be performed at regional high schools. 

the steps

The mission of the Northwest Arkansas Jazz Society (NAJS) is to present, preserve, promote, and celebrate the great American art form – Jazz.

NAJS was founded in 1982, incorporated in 1992, and we accomplish our mission by creating live concert presentations featuring world-class artists, supporting regional and touring musicians by providing paid performance opportunities, collaborating on jazz projects with regional organizations, and by developing and sustaining an innovative youth education program.

In 2024 we will invest the money raised to begin booking free events for our Summer Jazz series, scheduling house bands for our monthly jazz jams, and developing a jazz program to present in public schools. We would advertise the availability of the local musician support fund and encourage local artists to develop free concerts. In late spring 2024, we will find and fund performance opportunities for our Jazz All-Stars student ensemble.

why we're doing it

We know there is a larger potential audience for Jazz in Northwest Arkansas. Your support makes it possible to make more concerts free and open to the public, thereby inspiring new listeners, identifying potential members, and exposing all music lovers to Jazz.


$ 10,000         Railyard Jazz and Blues Festival

$ 7,000         Free concert series in regional parks (The Ramble, Bella Vista, Gulley Park, etc.

$ 6,000         Jazz history concerts in the public schools

$ 2,000         Local musician support fund 

$ 5,000         Public free concerts by the Jazz All-Stars


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