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Only $20 to go!

the project

Bushwick City Farm will raise organic free range chickens in Bushwick Brooklyn in order to provide the community with free organic eggs and the experience of observing and learning about organic chicken farming. Our hens will not only lay delicious healthy eggs for those in need in our neighborhood, but will also give people the opportunity to meet, feed and interact with the chickens, which many may be seeing for the first time. Along with chicken care workshops, this farm will provide general food education for the community, serve as a model of responsible food production and function as a green public space which the entire neighborhood can enjoy. Help us provide those in need with organic, local free range eggs by buying our hard working hens some organic chicken feed!!

the steps

1. Buy organic chicken feed 2. Feed to chickens to maintain health and productivity of our flock  3. Harvest and distribute the eggs to those in need in our community

why we're doing it

The importance of having fresh, organic, locally and humanely produced food is obvious. It is especially important that access to healthy sustainably produced food is available to all of us. For this reason it is crucial that we be able to produce such high quality food to be given away for free to those in need in urban communities which often have the least access to fresh food and food education and consequently the highest risk of nutrition and lifestyle related diseases. The farm will provide free organic food as well as the knowledge of food production, contributing to the health and empowerment of our community.



We need $500 to purchase seventeen 50 lb. bags of organic chicken feed (each 50llb bag is $30). Any money raised over our goal will be used to to buy clean top-soil and fruit trees for our new farm.


Only $20 to go!

Bushwick City Farms is sooo close to feeding all their chickens.  Won't you push them over the edge here?  There's a deal on Groupon to help them out for 1 more day!

$370 raised in Day One of Groupon!

This project is on GROUPON's website from June 7 to June 9th!  On Day 1 of announcements Bushwick City Farms has raised $370 for their chickens.  Help the Bushwick neighborhood get fresh free local eggs.

Groupon Deal!

This project is being featured on Groupon this week. Check it out!


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