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the project

Formed in 2018, fp Creative is a musician-led organization that supports other musicians through performance and curatorial opportunities. The resulting concert series, fresh perspectives, presents original, audience-centric events featuring classical, experimental, and new music.

For our second season, the goal is to establish and grow our creative community and become more financially sound. Our new programs for artists will grow our creative community, and our ability to produce high-quality events will bolster our visibility in Cleveland's growing Arts & Culture landscape.

New programs for artists:


Emerging Artists-in-Residence: a year-long residency for bold, motivated classical musicians in Northeast Ohio. The residency offers highly personalized professional development and performance opportunities. We are thrilled to have Catharsis Winds as our inaugural Emerging Artists!

Guest Curator/Producer Program:  This program is designed to empower local artists by offering the role of Artistic Director. We will support these guests by funding, co-organizing, marketing, and producing their unique projects.

Visiting Artist Series: This series will be a platform for visiting artists to engage with Cleveland audiences.


About fresh perspectives events:

As artists, we want you, our audiences, to leave satisfied with your entire experience. To do that, our events blur the lines of high art and low pressure. With this approach, we have opened doors to new audiences, inspiring a new generation of classical, experimental, and new music.


A donation of any size will impact these programs and grow our capacity to reach new communities.

As a grassroots organization of ambitious artists, we represent a wide range of voices, ideas, and backgrounds. Your contribution will fund the projects of diverse artists, uplifting the Arts & Culture scene in Cleveland.


the steps

June-September 2019 - Our team is working hard, doing research, mapping out logistics, and searching for other forms of funding to ensure that our investments are thoughtfully allocated, and always serving a greater artistic mission.


September 2019 - Teaser event at Avenue of the Arts with Catharsis Winds and founder, Devin Hinzo. Begin foundational work for our opening event in November, a #GalaForThePeople/ UPDATE: COMPLETE


October 2019 - With the resources generated from this campaign and other fundraising efforts, we will pay venues, finalize equipment rentals and refreshments, recording projects with Catharsis


November 14, 2019 - #GalaForThePeople, an immersive showcase where our Emerging Artists will debut new repertoire. We will invite the community to celebrate the start of our second season with interactive photo-booth sets, special performances, interviews, refreshments, and prizes


December 12, 2019 - Noa Even's production of Atomic for saxophone, electronics, and video


January 23, 2020 - A concert curated by Theresa May featuring the music of Regina Harris Baiocchi, Ahmed Al Abaca, and Rachmaninov


February 20, 2020 - Melanie Emig's production of Samples, a multi-genre gallery of music set in surround sound


March 2020 - A concert curated by Van Parker. More details TBA!


April 23, 2020 - Exceptet makes their Cleveland debut as our Visiting Artists from NYC. More details TBA!


May 2020 - Brian Morales, a composer from NYC also making their Cleveland debut, will have an extended residency and work with Catharsis Winds on a new ballet score.

why we're doing it

There is a palpable desire to discover and broaden alternative performance opportunities and experiences in Cleveland.

There is a need for this type of organization in Cleveland that offers resources to musicians to experiment and collaborate to engage audiences in new ways.

We will champion this growing community of artists and in doing so, create and perform compelling, authentic work that will inspire and connect us to curious audiences. 


Disbursed Budget:


TOTAL RAISED = $4,330.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $129.90

Original Budget:

Emerging Artists in Residence Program - $4,000

Guest Curator/Producer Program - $3,600

Guest Artist(s) Program - $3,600

Venues - $3,000

Paid Internships - $800

Marketing - $1100

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $465
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $15,500


$3,700 Raised!! Thank you!!!

Thank you to all who have jumpstarted our funding efforts! From California to Cleveland, people are getting behind this project and you should too! Any amount matters, and we are forever grateful for your support! More updates coming out soon...


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  • June Gunter
  • Lisa Miralia
  • Melanie Emig and Tyler Kinzy
  • Jodi Kanter
  • Emily Koritz
  • Noa Even
  • Betsy Gunter
  • Devin Hinzo
  • Mary Picken
  • Cindy S.
  • Blanca Cavazos
  • Anonymous