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On the corner of Portage Street at Fort Seward Drive
(Fort William H. Seward)
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Outdoor community action can respect social distancing at the sculpture garden

the project

You are invited to help build the community-spirited sculpture garden that was inspired by local artists.

A few years ago, a small group of artists in Haines, Alaska saw a way to create a vibrant public space in the foundation ruins of an old barrackʼs building which burned down in 1981. They envisioned the crumbling ashlar walls and rubble being transformed into a unique and vibrant outdoor sculpture garden and public space. Backed by community support, and over 1,000 volunteer hours later, the sculpture garden site has been cleaned up and currently houses 10 art installations by local artists. 

Located in the historic Fort Seward neighborhood of Haines, the sculpture garden has a variety of safety, accessibility, and aesthetic concerns that now need to be addressed. These include ADA accessible ramps (in the form of pebble mosaics), formal entrances and gates, capping and stabilization of the ashlar walls, electricity for lighting, walkways, benches and more. Our communityʼs vision for the sculpture garden is a safe and creative outdoor public space for holding events such as First Friday art walks, farmerʼs markets, performing arts, and weddings.

It's a spacious environment that can embrace moments of meditation and celebration.

The improvements will be coordinated and led by a small group of local artists. Through this project we expect a ripple effect of revitalization throughout Fort Seward, increasing pride in the neighborhood and in our whole community.


the steps

The sculpture garden is a community project that involves multiple artists and volunteers over time. When artists lead, creativity blossoms everywhere!

1. April 2020: Put out calls for proposals for three entryway gate designs, three pebble mosaic ADA ramps, and other ideas that can be built into the project. Invite creativity!

             June 1, 2020: Proposal deadline. Proposals will be reviewed by an independent advisory committee. 

             July 15, 2020: Announcement of selected designs for entryway gates and pebble mosaic ADA ramps

2. Summer 2020: Call for students and volunteers to help the artists with the design and implementation of the pebble mosaic ADA ramps; Coordinate and plan for implementation of entryway gates, electricity, and lighting.

3. Summer/Fall 2020: Create pebble mosaic designs for three handicap ramps: main entrance, connecting two interior levels and between the main area and the garden area; Coordinate a dedicated volunteer base of 10 people who learn how to repair rubble and ashlar walls and participate in the stabilization work to repair 500 linear feet of exterior foundation walls.

4. June - September 2020: Develop a core of volunteers and schedule to maintain the site including ground maintenance, clean-up, etc.

5. Throughout the project: Document the work being done, post updates on, and promote the project to the local governments, businesses, general public and people visiting our community. Ask the question, Can the sculpture garden become a public park?


why we're doing it

The Fort Seward Sculpture Garden Project provides the following opportunities in our community: A focal point for community engagement to bring our community together for positive change; Addressing a pressing need to restore what has been a long-term public nuisance site; Creating a very unusual outdoor public space for all kinds of events like plays, festivals, concerts, neighborhood parties - the sky is the limit!; Stimulating the revitalizaiton of the neighborhood in a fun and meaningful way.



Disbursed budget:

All materials and labor/design locally sourced

$1,350.00 - design and materials for main and side gates

$1,500.00 - bring electricity to the site

$1,500.00 - ADA ramps at entrance and internal walkway

$1,562.65 - Mortar materials: Portland Type 1 cement; Lime Type S

$1.650.00 - Volunteer liability $250; General Liability $1,400

$7,562.65 - Total Artists Lead! budget

Volunteer Hours - 2019 - July 10, 2020  1,075 hrs @ $15/hr    $16,125

debris removal; collecting/sifting sand; mortar repair work

Website video, budget, promotional copy/marketing/promotion    5,075

3 team artists 145 hours @ $35/hr

Donated equipment, materials, and supplies -  300

   Total Inkind     $21,500

TOTAL RAISED = $7,710.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $112.35

Original budget:

3 lead artists for 1 year to plan, coordinate, document, promote and participate in the work: $30,000

Local artists, artisans, carpenters, and masonry workers to further plan, design, coordinate, and carry out the capital improvements of stabilizing walls, installing ADA ramps, making a safe walkway throughout. Donated materials and volunteer work by community members, students and generous skilled artisans will enhance the accomplishments made possible by your gift.This community-building project will ensure healthy, outdoor seasonal uses into the future.

Time: Now through 2021.

Inkind services, labor, and materials will be supplemented by funds raised from other sources.

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $929
TOTAL TO RAISE = $30,964


Outdoor community action can respect social distancing at the sculpture garden


Our world is at a crossroads. This is our charge: to help each other discover new capabilities and talents through transformative experiences. By working together we show our caring for and loyalty to one another and to our neighborhoods and community.  Thank you for the part you are taking in these uncharted waters. We want to hear your ideas on how we can meet your interests and needs in the evolving open-air neighborhood setting.



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