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the project

The United States 60 thousand plastic bags every 5 seconds, adding up to 100 billion single-use plastic bags a year, which costs retailers about $4 billion.  Forget the Bag! Rewards Program will help retailers cut their costs buying bags by using loyalty cards that reward customers for using their own bags.  We hope that this will inspire New Yorkers to bring reusable bags.

the steps

1. Raise $625

2. Hire graphic designer do create loyalty cards

3. Print 500 loyalty cards on recycled paper

4. Get 2 specialty hole punchers for our pilot businesses

5. Get 2 card collectors to track how the businesses are doing and ensure the cards are recycled

6. Distribute loyalty cards and accessories to the shops

7. Watch our project unfold!!

why we're doing it

The "Forget the Bag! Rewards Program" looks to help reduce the use of plastic bags that are a large part of consumer waste. Over 1 trillion plastic bags are used every year worldwide, that's about 1 million plastic bags being used every minute. The United States alone goes through 100 billion single-use plastic bags, costing retailers about $4 a year and we're consuming 60 thousand plastic bags every 5 seconds.  These plastic bags are a huge problem environmentally because a single plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to degrade.  We want to start locally and reduce the demand and use of plastic bags in Manhattan through a pilot program of loyalty cards that discourage this use.


1) Loyalty Card Designer = $500
2) 500 Recycled Paper Loyalty Cards $40/250 via = $80
3) 2 Specialty Star Punchers $13.50 each via = $27
4) 2 Card Collection Boxes $30 each via = $60
Subtotal = $667
3% 3rd party credit card processing fee = $20
Budget Total = $687


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