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Mt. Vernon Blvd and Cleviden Road
(East Cleveland Forest Hill Neighborhood)
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the project

Through the interaction and collaboration of its residents and the City of East Cleveland we have been able to form a cohesive group and become a 501(c)3 organization. Our project is to replace the current (deteriorating) street signs in the East Cleveland portion of Forest Hill with new, historically accurate reporductions of the original design.

the steps

The design of the new signs has been completed, and two working prototypes have been installed for our neighborhood to view (at the intersection of Mt. Vernon blvd. and Cleviden Rd). Note that all work done thus far has been provided by the donation of time, labor, and funding from the ECFHNA board and Northcoast Signworks. 

Total cost for production and installation of signs throughout East Cleveland Forest Hill will cost approximately $ 20,000. We plan to install signs in phases, as funding will allow (e.g. five phases at $4,000 each). We are currently fundraising for phase one, through 10/31/19. Once we meet our phase one goal, signs will be produced and installed in eight locations along Mt. Vernon Blvd. Upon completion, we will begin phase two, and continue until the project is complete.


why we're doing it

Help us in our goal to recreate our original Forest Hill street signs!

When Forest Gill was developed out of the John D. Rockefeller estate in the late 1920s, its sophistication of planning, design, materials, and overall aesthetic helped create a truly advanced and unique neighborhood unlike anything before, with many characteristics far ahead of their time (such as utility lines located underground and planned green space). Even the street signs stood out, with a dove - the adopted symbol of Forest Hill - perched atop each sign post. Over the years, these signs were lost (replaced) with conventional signage, which has deteriorated over time.

Through  many ups and downs over the years, we retain our vibrant character, spectacular architecture, and historical significance, along with our energetic and dedicated residents who want to present and proclaim Forest Hill as a truly unique part of both Cleveland's history and its charming neighborhood destinations.

Our Historic Sign Project is more than an effort to embellish our neighborhood. It stands for the pride of the people who live here, and our neighbor-by-neighbor effort to promote East Cleveland Forest Hill as a unique welcoming place to visit, or call home.





TOTAL RAISED = $1,962.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $58.86


Updated budget:

Outdoor drinking fountain $8,000
Tot play area, $2,000
Benches and picnic tables $3,000
Concrete pedestrian walkway $7,000 

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $156

Original Budget:

A detailed assessment of the neighborhood was made by ECFHNA to determine that this project will consist of 4 phases consisting of 6 signs per phase. Each sign will include the historic post ($1000.00 each) and the light post ($500.00 each).  The detailed cost of each sign includes: the historic post: 3" x 10" round posts/mounting plate/300 series bases/2 blade holders/powder-coated, sign, dove, a plain blade holder with 2 stainless steel traps. Aluminum post, mounting plate, plate, base, sign holder. Total Cost Post Location = $ 1000.00.  The sign: sign blade, a plain blade holder with 2 stainless straps 47" x 2. Total Cost/Street Light Post Location = $ 500.00

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $620
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $20,655


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