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the project

By way of food and great conversation, FoodSpark Miami (FSM) will provide fun, interactive gathering spaces for diverse groups of greater Miami residents to connect with one another, discuss key social issues with fellow citizens, and figure out how we can collaborate to improve the quality of life in our local neighborhoods. Project partners include: Civic Creatives, Radical Partners, The New Tropic, Whereby.Us, Melissa Blundell Osorio, James Echols, JLPR, City of Hialeah, PARK Project, Ana Mantica, and many more. FSM is supported in part by the 8-80 Cities Emerging City Champions 2015 Fellowship (which is funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation), The Miami Foundation's Public Space Challenge program, as well as Baptist Health South Florida. 

the steps

For FoodSpark Miami in the City of Hialeah

  • October 2015 - February 2016: Planning meetings with key partners
  • Fall 2015: Civic engagement design and volunteer recruitment
  • January 2016: Marketing promotions, media outreach, invitations to the public, purchasing materials/supplies, order rental equipment
  • February 2016: Set-up for main event, on-going photography/videography, potluck, group dialogue activities, break-down event
  • March 2016: Shout-outs of appreciation to attendees/partners/sponsors, post day-of event coverage e.g. photos and video, evaluate group dialogue results
  • April 2016: Produce a report on findings from the event that can be shared with interested parties, publish articles on-line that recap what happened and the impact on our community

why we're doing it

FoodSpark Miami (FSM) seeks to address activating public spaces in our greater Miami neighborhoods with more opportunities for meaningful civic engagement between diverse groups of residents. Communities across Miami-Dade County often hold outdoor events that celebrate the cultural diversity around us where there are many options of great food and styles of music, but FSM is different in that it’s focused on creating stronger interpersonal connections between unfamiliar individuals, and inspiring them to think about how they can be powerful agents of change even as everyday citizens. Our county is incredibly diverse culturally and ethnically, but also socioeconomically, which means depending upon where someone lives their quality of life will vary greatly. There is a visibly clear difference between many areas that are deemed lower-income, and those where our more affluent fellow Miamians reside. But does that have to be the way greater Miami continues to exist? Why can’t everyone have equal access to quality education, healthy and affordable food options, living wage job opportunities, safe housing conditions, well-maintained street infrastructure and recreational spaces, etc. no matter where they live? By implementing a project such as FSM, it gives us a chance to get to know each other better while we enjoy food and have conversations on topics about social issues that we are all connected to somehow, even if they don’t impact us directly.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 1/12/16):

RAISED = $6,000.00
less ioby Platform Fee (covered by The Miami Foundation) $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee of 5% (covered by The Miami Foundation) $276.16
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) n/a


For FoodSpark Miami in the City of Hialeah

Project Coordinator: $600 + $1,200 in-kind [For time spent coordinating logistics for event including meetings with partners, recruiting volunteers, etc.]

Volunteer Coordinator: $150 [For an individual (TBD) to be in charge of managing PARK Project volunteers and others leading up to and day-of event]

Dialogue Facilitators: $150 [Several trained facilitators (TBD) to assist the Emcee with group dialogue activities]

Photographer/Videographer: $250 + $250 in-kind [For at least one person (TBD) to provide strategic day-of event coverage that captures the essence of what FSM is all about e.g. the variety of interactions between attendees from start to finish]

Key Partners: $1,550 + $1,000 in-kind [The New Tropic/Whereby.Us ($250) for promotions, RSVP collection, and event design + #100GreatIdeas (Madera, Inc. and Radical Partners) for data collection pre-consulting and post-evaluation ($1,000) + Melissa Blundell Osorio for group dialogue design/facilitation and day-of event Emcee ($1,150) + James Echols to lead equipment rental coordination ($150)]

Writer/Editor: $150 covered by K880 funds [For Ana Mantica (writer/editor) to provide guidance on any significant written pieces pre-/post-event (e.g. press releases, HuffPost articles, etc.)]

DJ: $300 [Hiring a DJ (TBD) to play music (will come with own sound system)]

Graphic Designer: $100 + $200 covered by K880 funds [Having a graphic designer produce a final report on the data findings from the event discussions]

Materials/Supplies: $400 covered by K880 funds [Rolls of craft paper for table tops, eco-friendly party packs (plates/cups/cutlery/napkins/trash bags), jars to hold markers, permanent markers, stickers, pens, post-it notes, photo props]

Marketing/Publicity/Advertising: $1,000 + $500 in-kind [JLPR for promotions and media outreach services for 1 event]

Printing/Copying: $100 + $100 covered by K880 funds [Est. promotional flyers/invites, for friend cards, name tags, topic placecards]

Postage/Delivery: $200 [Includes est. postage cost for items such as party packs, stickers, pens, friend cards, and delivery cost for tables, chairs, tents, etc.]

Local Travel: $250 [Includes est. cost for picking up event materials/supplies, event related meetings, and parking for any volunteers prior to/on event days]

Equipment Rental: $550 [Tables and chairs for potluck food & approx. 64 attendees ($125), large tent in case of rain ($325), small generator ($100)]

Equipment Purchase: $100 [Lighting (such as string lights to hang under the tent) for an evening event (not necessary if decision is made for day time)]

Space Rental: $500 + TBD in-kind/sponsored [Est. cost for using public space within Leah Arts District (anticipate our City of Hialeah partner to cover any other expenses related to this in-kind)]

Food: $1,000 in-kind/sponsored [Collaborating with local restaurants to provide small bites to eat and refreshments for approx. 64 people]

Food Permit: $200 [Est. cost for acquiring a permit so food can be served outside during FSM]

TOTAL = $6,000 + $850 covered by K880 funds + $3,950 in-kind/sponsored


SUBTOTAL = $6,000
ioby Platform Fee (covered by The Miami Foundation) $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee of 5% (covered by The Miami Foundation) $300



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