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Thank You So Much For Your Support!

the project

The goal of Garden Valley Neighborhood House is to empower residents to become engaged in their community. They do this through healthy cooking classes, teaching youth entreprenurial skills in The Kids Cafe, weekly senior group activities, a very succesful construction trade program, free HIV/AIDS testing, a certified nursing program, and a program and supplies for expectant moms and newborns. Garden Valley also happens to manage the single largest food pantry in the state of Ohio, serving over 15,000 students, low income residents, veterans, and home bound seniors every month!

With more than 30 refrigerators and freezers running 24 hours/per day, the monthly elecitric bill at Garden Valley Neighborhood House averages $1,800-$2,000!!!  With the support of Re-volv, a national nonprofit, Garden Valley Neighborhood House has been granted approval for solar panel installtion this year which will greatly reduce the electricity expense for the center. However, Garden Valley Neighborhood House is over 100 years old and the elctrical system is outdated and in need of repair before the panels can be installed.

This year we are also adding a Clean Energy Education program around recycling, gardening, and raising awareness about the impacts of climate change.

This organization is completely volunteer run. Your support is needed to help defray the cost of these much needed programs in the community!!!



the steps

Hire electrical contractor to upgrade electrical system

Plan curiculum for community education classes around clean energy

Recruit and provide orientation for solar apprenticeships

Install solar panels with the help of Re-volv

Invite residents to kickoff party


why we're doing it

The need for Solar Panels to be installed at Garden Valley Neighborhood House is critical! In order to properly store food for the largest food pantry in the state of Ohio it is expensive and very challenging, the center has over 30 refrigerators and freezers with an extremely high electric bill of $1,800-$2,000 per month. The center's operating expense and management of the food pantry and programs are from volunteers concerned about making a difference in the community and throughout greater Cleveland. 

Garden Valley Neighborhood House Executive Director is Jan Ridgeway. Jan was a former board member who committed to doing everything possible to keep the center's doors open for residents of the community. She works tirelessly at the center contributing financially, ordering supplies,cooking, gardening and providing support to all programs and everyone in need. Now it's time for us to step up and support her efforts to make Garden Valley Neighborhood House energy efficient!

Training community residents to become solar installers will be a major step to creating employment opportunities in the field of clean energy.


Disbursed Budget 8.6.21


$7,156.40 Electrical & Roofing Repairs

$1,000 Clean Energy Education Materials, Marketing/Flyers & Media/Communications

$2,000 Community Kickoff Event to Celebrate Solar Panel Installation

$500 Miscellaneous Expenses

TOTAL RAISED = $11,420.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $571.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $192.60


Original Budget

$2,500 electrical repairs

$500 clean energy education materials & marketing/flyers

$1,000 meeting refreshments 

$500 recruitment/orientation and learning lab for solar panel apprenticeships

$500 kickoff event to celebrate solar panel installation from Re-volv!

Subtotal = 5,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $250
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $150
Total to raise = $5,435



Thank You So Much For Your Support!

On behalf of everyone receiving services from Garden Valley Neighborhood House, please accept our sincere thanks to all donors and supporters! We are so excited to use these funds to upgrade the electrical system, recruit solar installation apprentices, provide clean energy education and host a celebration upon installation of the solar panels. We truly appreciate the generous donations from so many people who care about making a difference in our community and look forward to seeing everyone at our celebration of success!

We are also very grateful for the funds contributed by the Climate Action Fund and thankful for the vision of this organization for the betterment of our community.

Blessings to All! 

Kudos to WEWS Channel 5 for Sharing Our Story!

Thank you so much to Reporter Mike Brookbank and viewers of Channel 5 for their incredible support of our campaign! The overwhelming response of contributions will allow Garden Valley Neighborhood House Director, Jan Ridgeway to continue her great work in the community.


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