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the project

GYM STAR RECREATION provides effective, sustainable fitness programs in black and brown communities to eliminate the need to pay gym membership fees. These programs take place in parks and community spaces to remind participants that they do not need to go to a gym because THEY are the GYM! 

This year, GYM STAR, the Founder of GYM STAR RECREATION became the face of fitness in Brownsville by partnering with the Department of Education, Community Board 16, BMS, the Brownsville Health Action Center, Brownsville Community Justice Center, the Brooklyn Public Library, Health First and other local community organizations to provide fitness activations. After each activation, participants expressed their desire for more training and a consistent program that will help them achieve their fitness goals. 

In response, GYM STAR worked with P.S. 298 Betty Shabazz to get 11 members of the community certified as personal trainers in order to expand the reach of his fitness training. The goal of this project is to fund 10-week fitness challenges in Brownsville at no cost to members of the community. With your support, we can make that possible and track the impact being made to achieve a Healthy Brownsville through this fitness challenge! 

Any funds raised beyond $6,000 will be invested in repeating this fitness challenge in another part of Brownsville so that GYM STAR RECREATION can continue to make this program available to members of the community in their own backyard! 

the steps

The first fitness challenge will launch on July 20th and will continue until September 21st. There will be two group fitness sessions, one at 8 AM and one at 9 AM at the Imagination Playground at Betsy Head Park (across the street from the Brownsville Health Action Center) This will be our opportunity to consistently fundraise in hope to supersede our goal. 

Once we have reached our goal, we will launch the next fitness challenge in another park or community center in Brownsville and continue to duplicate the challenge so that we can reach as many members of the community as possible. 


why we're doing it

The goal of this project is to bring fitness and a healthy, active lifestyle to all members of the community--wherever they are! 

Members of the community continue to make it clear that they want and need a GYM STAR RECREATION fitness program that is accessible and affordable. This campaign gives GYM STAR RECREATION the opportunity to provide this service, while also creating job opportunities for members of the community who are eager to make an impact, transform their own health and their finances. 

This campaign will also provide proof of concept to show that members of the community are eager, excited and dedicated to investing in their health. It will provide data to show a positive transformation of health outcomes, and provide opportunities for additional financial investments to support this fitness challenge so that it can always be free for members of the community. 


Disbursed Budget:

Sponsorship for 1 student to participate in the 10 session: $97

Marketing Materials: Provided by the community

On-Site Supplies: Provided by in-kind donation

Compensation for trainer: Waived - time donated

Compensation for the administrative team: Waived - time donated

Water: Waived - Provided by participants

Healthy Snacks: Removed from budget

TOTAL RAISED = $100.00
ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $3.00

Original Budget 7.17.19:

Budget Breakdown per each of the 10 sessions:

Per session cost $600

Compensation for trainer(s): $300

Compensation for the administrative team: $100

Marketing Materials: $50

On-Site Supplies: $50

Water: $50

Healthy Snacks: $50

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $187


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