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FireTree Construction Update

the project

"celebrate the power of creativity at SculptureFest 2018"

Click on the FireTree image above to view the video.

View FireTree construction photos:

GREAT NEWS - Donate now and DOUBLE your contribution.

Peoples, our regional natural gas provider, is teaming up with FireTree by providing a dollar-for-dollar match of all funds raised between July 16th - September 1st, up to $1,000.

Peoples FireTree Video:

With just $10 you can become a Seed Contributor ($20 value). All contributions will be similarly doubled to meet the appropriate level of giving.

Funds that are not raised by this campaign will be supplied by the artists through monetary and volunteer labor support, so as you can imagine, any and all contributions are welcomed and embraced!!

See the FireTree at SculptureFest 2018:

Presented by: The Society of Sculptors


Celebrating a Healthy Mind, Community Spirit & Planet

FireTree Symbolic Features:

  • Tree........................represents    the communities of the world.
  • Leaf.........................represents    the individual within every community.
  • Sun..........................represents    the light that nurtures our tree and powers the planet.
  • Leaf Canopy........represents    the neighborhood created by residents who work and grow together.
  • Wheeled Car......represents    the planet Earth.
  • Fire and Light.....represent    the energy and power of creative ideas.
  • Celebration.........represents    our shared appreciation for all the positive and equitable qualities of our community, plus our creative ability to be good stewards of that environment.
  • As a metaphor, FireTree is a local investment in a global concept for communities worldwide, who share similar histories of birth, growth, and the demands of change and sustainability.

The FireTree depicts a healthy community that stands tall, gaining 

strength from its individual “leaves,” who celebrate united 

in a fire-powered event of neighborhood achievement and creativity.

*The tax deductibility of your contribution may be affected by goods or services received. Please contact your financial advisor with questions regarding your donation. 

the steps

We’re ready to build it, burn it, and celebrate!

Construction will take place in three stages (cart, trunk, and canopy) and will be dependent upon money raised.

If we surpass our goal…. we will live-stream the Fire Celebration so that everyone can participate in this first-burn of the FireTree!

Join us on Saturday, September 22

 at nightfall in Millvale’s Riverfront Park along the banks of the Allegheny River

 as the Community Fire Celebration becomes the featured evening event of SculptureFest 2018,

Pittsburgh’s only sculpture demonstration arts festival,



why we're doing it

In this complex world, often full of strife and discord, do we need to be reminded of the obvious?

Under one sun, our community and planet are the tree we live in.

Let's celebrate that tree and keep it strong by being engaged and creative with our neighbors in both our local and global back yards.

"This could be the most exciting new event of the summer!"

Are you ready to join our community?

FireTree - 900 Supporters Strong

900 individuals (X) $20 each = 900 Supporters Strong






Disbursed budget (10.24.18):

FireTree IOBY Project Budget – final

(21.8% of estimated FireTree Fabrication)


Cart construction                                                       500.00    

Steel wheel reinforcement and axle                       500.00     

Welding and materials for tree trunk and Sun  1,626.85

Construction of Branches                                         500.00

Stainless steel leaves                                                 500.00


Total                                                                           $3,626.85

RAISED = $3,952.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $181.34
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $108.81


Original budget: 

FireTree Project Budget: $16,635 total for the following 

  • cart construction
  • steel wheel reinforcement and axle 
  • welding plus materials of tree trunk and sun
  • construction of branches
  • stainless steel leaves 

*The tax deductibility of your contribution may be affected by goods or services received. Please contact your financial advisor with questions regarding your donation. 


Project Subtotal =  $16,635
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $832
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $499
Total to Raise on ioby = $18,001











FireTree Construction Update

Click on this link to view the progress of FireTree:

FireTree Update:


1) Construction of the cart, which carries the tree is almost complete!

Attached is an image showing the construction process.

The form and structure is assembled with pressure-treated lumber and faced with steel to keep it from igniting during the celebratory burn.


2) We are extending our funding campaign as a countdown to the day of the Community Fire Celebration and SculptureFest 2018.

This will allow others to join you with their support as excitement builds around this project.


3) The FireTree print has been completed (an image is attached).

Due to the funding campaign extension, we will ship your print after September 22 when we will have a final count of contributors. At this time we will be coordinating the printing process from Paul Roden and Sapling Press, plus packaging and mailing… please be patient with us!


4) The stainless steel FireLeaf will also be distributed after the funding campaign has ended in order to give every contributor an equal opportunity to participate in the random drawing. All Sapling ($250) and above donors automatically receive a FireLeaf.


5) We are in initial discussions with Peoples Natural Gas to become a partner in the FireTree project and possibly SculptureFest 2018. We are hoping for a mutually beneficial community partnership!


6) Next up:

- Wheel reinforcement

- Cart axles and trailer hitch

- Trunk and branch construction


Thanks for being a part of our FireTree Community!


FireTree is the Closing Event of SculptureFest 2018!

SculptureFest is a one day event of community interaction, experimentation, and hands-on experiences with artists as they create in stone, wood, metal, clay, and more!


The FireTree Crowd-Funding Campaign Supporters

The FireTree Crowd-Funding Campaign would not exist but for the generous support of participating artists, material specialists, technical experts, and countless others who have encouraged this project to go forward with insightful criticism and never-ending enthusiasm!


Thomas Holmes: Videographer-

John Ritter: Illustrator –

Paul Roden: Printmaker –

Lisa Krowinski: Letter Press Studio –

Donna Penoyer: Jeweler –

The Society of Sculptors: SculptureFest Committee & Members –

Anders Anderson: Sculptor –

Barbie the Welder: Sculptor –

Colin Carrier: Metal Worker –

Nick Lardas: Sheet Metal Specialists –

Kristen Psica: Marketing

Stacey McSorley: Community Outreach

Miriam Parson: ioby Advisor –

Tina and Tom Walker: Millvale Community Visionaries

Bill Stout: Millvale Council Liaison

Millvale Borough Management and Borough Council –

Millvale Community Development Corporation -

Millvale Arts Council Members & Supporters

Saige Baxter: FireTree Artist –

Duncan MacDiarmid: FireTree Artist –



This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


  • Anonymous
  • Eric, Amanda and Josie Gillen
  • Dawn, Dan, and Eli
  • Anonymous
  • John Tomayko
  • Lisa Krieg
  • Brian Wolovich
  • Shirley & Dave Brown
  • Anonymous
  • Rick and Ann Landesberg
  • Ron Donoughe
  • Bill Stout
  • Michele B.
  • Amy Short
  • Donna Penoyer
  • Stanley Koepke
  • patinadeville
  • Tina Walker
  • Doug and Briget
  • Langston M.
  • virginia andriola
  • Mike & Jen McSorley
  • vincent siefert
  • Anonymous
  • Andrea & Marc
  • Philomena Anne Volpe
  • Melanie
  • George&Austin Williams
  • Brett Yasko
  • Tyler Hayes
  • Robert J Stutler
  • Scott H.
  • Tom & Carla Cords
  • Rick and Ann Landesberg
  • Ryan McConnell
  • Anonymous
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  • Joseph F M.
  • Elise Adibi
  • Gadi Leshem
  • Lisa Krieg
  • Annie B.
  • Anonymous
  • Lisa Platt
  • Ashley Hickey Flavin
  • Aubree & David
  • Anonymous
  • Anjali Sachdeva
  • Gail & Grant Williams
  • Saige Baxter
  • Duncan MacDiarmid