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Thank you to the Fineview/Perry Hilltop Citizens Council for supporting this project!

the project

Fineview is full of unique history, diverse and energetic people, and boasts some of the best scenic and skyline views our city has to offer. Our neighborhood deserves public artwork to illustrate and highlight our culture for the enjoyment of visitors and residents alike.

A team of local designers/artists/residents are proposing the creation of multiple public murals in the Northside’s Fineview neighborhood to celebrate the history, diversity and energy of our community.

Murals will be legally created on privately and publicly owned exterior walls to illustrate the diverse identity of Fineview’s past, present and future. 

For this mural project, donations are being raised to fund paint, ladders/scaffolding/lift rental, and other common materials and supplies (brushes, paint sprayers, masks, tape, etc.).

Community events will be held for artists to hear the neighborhood's stories and ideas for possible translation into mural design proposals.

All donations are doubled while the One Northside matching grant lasts through !

the steps

The project team is in the process of securing locations for exterior wall murals in strategic and visible areas on privately and publicly owned exterior walls. Locations will be announced once official permission has been granted. Professional artists/designers that reside in Fineview are donating their time to the creation and installation of these murals with the help of community volunteers. These murals will be planned and approved in Spring 2020 and painted in Summer 2020. The project team will raise the necessary funds throughout the community to make this proposed project a reality. 

Funds raised for this project will be used exclusively to purchase materials to prepare wall surface, paint, equipment, supplies, and professional sealants to protect and preserve the artwork.

Community events will be held for artists to hear the neighborhood's stories and ideas for translation into mural proposals. 

(For a breakdown of estimated mural costs, please see the Budget tab at the top of this page.)

why we're doing it

The proposed project will unite residents and artists to share their vision of the past, present, and future of the neighborhood while adding to the visual landscape and identity of Pittsburgh's Fineview/Northside neighborhood.


We are pursuing 3,800 square feet of murals at a cost of $2.61 per square foot for a total goal of $10,000.

An estimate for a 500 square foot mural at $2.62 per square foot is broken down as follows:

• Spray Paint, 400ml can   Quantity: 55 Cost each: $10   $550.00 

• Exterior Paint and Primer in One, 1 gallon   Quantity: 2 Cost each: $47 $94.00

• Mural Shield Top Coat 1 gallon   Quantity: 3 Cost each: $88 $264.00

• Misc. supplies (gloves, masks, tape, brushes, rollers, drop cloths, plastic sheeting)   $150.00

• Left rental or scaffolding (dependant on location/size of each mural) $250

Total: $1308.00


If this community fundraiser closes lower than our goal, we will still move forward with the number of murals that our funding does support. 

*We are working with professional, high quality, established artists. 

If any mural costs less than the estimated amount, then the remaining funds will go toward other murals that may cost more than this estimate and/or additional murals.



ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $310
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,345


Thank you to the Fineview/Perry Hilltop Citizens Council for supporting this project!

We are excited to have official support from the Fineview and Perry Hilltop Citizens Council and look forward to working with them alongside neighborhood residents to identify locations, develop messaging/content and produce the final murals in 2020!


Letter of Support


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