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One in eight women in the United States will have breast cancer in their lifetime. And for Black women, the racial disparities presents a frightening reality. Black women are 40% more likely to die of breast cancer than White women. We are also two times more likely to be diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, which is a very aggressive type of breast cancer. Among all racial and ethnic groups, Black women have the LOWEST survial rate at every stage of diagnosis.  

Fight Through Flights, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded to support the healing and empowerment of Black women with breast cancer and breast cancer survivors as they continue to fight for their lives against these racial disparities.  We will provide free wellness retreats and travel experiences as well as mental health, nutrition, and fitness resources. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in light of COVID-19, we are launching our first two programs: Roadtrip to Recovery and Staycation Serenity. 


This program provides Black women living with breast cancer and breast cancer survivors with a travel experience close to home. This 3-day getaway will give these women an escape close to home, but far enough from their daily routine. Whether it is watching movies in your hotel room or checking-in to a remote cabin or lodge and disconnecting, a road trip awaits. This opportunity to rest and recharge will be important, but we know it is not enough. Each recipient will also receive: five (5) virtual therapy sessions, five (5) virtual personal training sessions, and five (5) virtual nutrition sessions.



This program is a very similar  to Roadtrip to Recovery, but recipients will escape reality from the comfort of their home.  Whether it is a private chef dinner, a French wine tasting, or a transformed oasis in your living room or backyard, enjoy an opportunity to relax and recharge. This session will also come with: five (5) virtual therapy sessions, five (5) personal training sessions, and five (5) nutrition sessions.

No one fights alone. We hope you will join us! Click here to visit our website.

the steps

October 5th: Applications open for our Roadtrip to Recovery and Staycation Serenity programs.

October 25th: Last day to submit applications for both programs.

November, December: Applications to be reviewed and recipients will be selected and matched.

Dec 7: Campaign Kick-Off Ends

January:  Participants receive notification of acceptance and matched with their Mental Health Therapist, Registered Dietitian, and Certified Personal Trainers.

why we're doing it

As travel lovers, we hope providing individual and group retreats and experiences can provide support in the healing and coping of Black women who have experienced life with breast cancer.

We watched first hand how breast cancer can really deteriorate one's mind, body, soul, finances and more. We know it takes more than travel and hope providing additional access to mental health, nutrition and fitness resources can help along the way.

As Black women, we continue to face significant disparities in so many walks of life and breast cancer is no different. 





Mental Health Therapy Sessions

Virtual Nutrition Sessions

Virtual Personal Training Sessions

Lodging/Accommodations for Roadtrip to Recovery Program


  Normal Fees
TOTAL RAISED = $17,605.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $880.25
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $528.15



Mental Health Therapy Sessions

Virtual Nutrition Sessions

Virtual Personal Training Sessions

Lodging/Accommodations for Roadtrip to Recovery Program

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,100
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $660
TOTAL TO RAISE = $22,000

Please note: ioby fees are estimated and will be calculated based on totals at the end of the campaign.

Thanks to the generous support of the co-founders of Fight Through Flights, Inc., we have kicked off the campaign and the total amount of the fees listed above have been covered. Your donations towards this campaign's goal will go directly towards the cause of the project."




WE DID IT! As a direct result of your financial contribution to Fight Through Flights, Inc. during our Kick-Off Campaign and after receiving our first grant, we exceeded our goal and raised over $22,000! 

Today, we had the pleasure of notifying 20 Black women across 14 states that they are the recipients of our inaugural programs, Road Trip to Recovery and Staycation Serenity. We spent the last few weeks reading their stories of strength and triumph as well as stories of uncertainty and fear. They are mothers, daughters, entrepreneurs, caregivers, founders and so much more. These women deserve this opportunity, and it could not have been given to them without you. THANK YOU.

Today also marks World Cancer Day and as we celebrate Black history this month and every month, we must continue to raise awareness of the disparities faced by Black women with breast cancer.

Please feel free to still donate if you can, all resources are welcome! Most importantly, please continue to spread the word!


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