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the project

Research shows that young children learn best from hands-on experiences that allow them to explore and play using all of their senses.  Based on this idea the teachers have taken the 8 themes from our preschool program and chosen field trips that will provide these experiences for our young preschoolers.  Our themes begin in September with "Getting to know me", where we will travel to Kirtland and experience the outdoor nature play area at Penitentary Glen. This will allow the students an opportunity to play with their new classmates.  

The remaining themes cover the areas of Community helpers, animals, imagination, food from different cultures, the 5 senses and staying healthy, outer space, and transportation, thus we have planned field trips to the West Side Market, the Cleveland Playhouse, the Children's museum, Lake Farm Parks, the Great Lake Science Center, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, the Lake Erie Nature Center and our local Fire Station. We will provide a monthly opportunity to leave the preschool and travel to these various places giving them a wide variety of experiences.  


the steps

1. Plan and schedule the field trips.

2. Align lessons with the curriculum and the ELA standards.

3. Teach the lessons and prepare the students for each individual field trip to ensure the maximum benefit.

4. Plan follow up activities after each field trip.

why we're doing it

Many, if not all of our families are below the poverty level and cannot afford to take their children to many of these places, thus providing them in school not only broadens the child's experience but also allows them to make connections to the content they are learning in school.  


Disbursement Budget:


TOTAL RAISED = $520.00
ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $15.60

Original Budget:

Month/ThemeDateLocationTransportationCost   September- Getting to Know You 5-SepPenitentiary GlenParish VanFeeGasFoodTotal0$10.00$30.00$40.00    October - Food17-OctWest Side MarketParish Van$100.00$5.00 $105.00November – Community Helpers14-NovFire StationParish Van $5.00 $5.00December –Animals12-DecLake Farm ParkParish Van$100.00$10.00$40.00$150.00January - Imagination23-JanPlayhouse SquareParish Van$165.00$5.000$170.00 Rainbow FishFebruary –5 senses Great Lakes Science CenterParish Van$75.00$5.00$40.00$120.00March – Planets3/13 Lake Erie Science CenterParish Van$60.00$10.00$30.00$100.00April – Community Children’s MuseumParish Van$145.00$5.00 $150.00May - Sea Creatures1-MayCleveland AquariumParish Van$207.00$13.00$30.00$250.00       

Total Cost $1,090.00Subtotal =1,090

ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)$33

Total to raise =$1,158



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