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the project

Feed Our Babies USA (FOB) has been helping feed thousands of families in need throughout the year, all without a location! FOB provides fresh; healthy fruits and vegetables (organic, when possible); and minimally processed foods; to food insecure families. We have the goal to feed over 5,000 families this year and need your help to open the Community Pantry.

Your support will: 

  • Help us feed more than 100 families weekly
  • Give us a suitable working space to run our Programs
  • Enhance our efforts in creating a sustainable solution so no child goes to school or bed hungry

FOB has already created a strong network for consistent food donations from local farms and businesses AND we have secured a pantry to run our Programs. The only thing that is needed is support to renovate our Community Pantry so that we can expand our Programs to serve more families in need.

Summer is a critical time for having support for our families. When school is out of session, there is an increased burden on families to provide all the meals at home. This can be a challenge for many families. Our Programs help to reduce the number of children and families that will go without food because of financial challenges. FOB also provides foods that promote health and nutrition to those who normally do not have access or cannot afford healthy quality foods. The Community Pantry will also be a place for families to learn about the benefits of healthy foods with tips on how to prepare meals without waste.

the steps

Our goal is to open the doors to a fully functional Community Pantry; feeding families throughout the week. 

With your contributuion, we will:

1. Rewire electrical to support the refridgerator and freezers so that we can provide more than boxed food items. We are committed to providing fresh, healthy food from local farms.

2. Install durable and clean flooring. Sanitation is a priority! Our volunteers have already ripped out the carpet and padding. We are ready to install as soon as we receive the funding! 

3. Layout our pantry workspace. We will be working with an interior designer to maximize the use of our space to include areas for food storage and work stations for our Programs (Weekend Meals, School Lunches).

4. Set up a Grand Opening Day! 

why we're doing it

It is shocking that children are going to school hungry; shocking that they will save their donated meals to take back to their families at home. Through our Community Leaders, FOB is identifying families that are in temporary need of help. These families due to their circumstances do not qualify for government support. FOB helps families during these stressful times with the abundance of support from our partners within the community. We're engaging the community to help us address food insecurity. However, the need is vast and it takes a community to ensure that every child that is hungry will have a healthy meal to eat. Help us ensure that no child goes to bed hungry, we can't do this work alone! 


Disbursed budget (6.30.17):

RAISED = $4,256.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $122.94

Original goal:

  • Flooring - Joni /John working on having the tile donated. Left over materials from other installs. $0
  • Flooring setting materials: $200
  • Flooring labor installation: $1300
  • Shelving: 3 units / $300
  • Office supplies: $100
  • Utility cart 45 x 25 x 33": $150
  • Dolly: $75
  • 1st 6 month utilities: $300
  • Electric - $1500 
Total estimated ask: $3925

Project Subtotal =  $4,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $120
Total to raise on ioby = $4,155



We are truly surrounded by incredible people! 

The interior layout of our Pantry was professionally created by Lisa Garretson. She is a Design Director in the industry and she created the layout to optimize every inch of our location so we can handle more food to help more families. We were shocked when she said we can add in 7 additional shelving racks! See the layout below.

The tables, refrigerators and freezers have all been transported to the Pantry this week. Our next step is to build the shelves and we are ready to go... just in time for the school season!

We'll be ramping up our Weekend Lunch Program as soon as school is in session to help kids eat healthy, week to week.

We are always looking for volunteers, so please email if you are interested!


A SPECIAL THANK YOU to the members of the Monte Vista Church - Nazarene who provided the professional services and fixed the electrical needs of the Pantry.

Electrical outlets were installed last week. We have them on opposite walls and on seperate breakers. As of now, we have 3 refrigerator / freezer units and 2 freezers. This will allow us to stock produce for a longer period of time as they are being distributed to our families. 

NEXT UP: Designing the Pantry layout to optimize our storage capacity and create a functional space to run our Programs and distribute food boxes. 

COME SEE US JULY 22ND: Feed Our Babies is hosting our 3rd Produce On Wheels Event in the parking lot of the Pantry. From 6 am to 9 am, this public market will be open to sell 60 pounds of produce for only $10. People travel from all over the Valley to a Produce On Wheels event to save money, support the community and purchase healthy food at a great price. This event is open to the public.

INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING: We have monthly events / Programs that are all volunteer based. All ages are welcomed. Please email for more information.  



WE DID IT! We reached the goal for funding our Pantry renovations today! WE = you, us, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers... EVERYONE that donated and shared our project made this happen!

Feed Our Babies USA is overwhelmed with gratitude and excited that this Pantry is starting from the love of our surrounding communities. With your donation, you are part of the solution and making a world of difference for the families we are able to reach. 

Here's a quick renovation update: The flooring has been installed and it was just sealed. We are in the process of having our electrical needs configured. In the meantime, we are going to purchase the shelving and other needed items. Lisa G, who designs spaces for a living, is going to help layout the Pantry to optimize our space. We'll be opening our doors soon! 

We have volunteer opportunities coming up for families, groups and inividuals. We have so much fun at our events and would love for you to join us! Please email us at for more information! 



Your donations are making this project come to life! We are moving fast on the Pantry revamp and are on our last stretch to hit our goal. Only $580 to go! Please consider making a donation if you have not already. Any amount makes a big difference!

1/2 of the tile installation went in today! :-)

Thank you!


We are so excited to announce that Feed Our Babies USA received the tile today! Jesus and his dad are beginning the install today and are expected to finish tomorrow.

This Saturday, FOB is hosting our 2nd Produce on Wheels event in the parking lot of the Pantry. This event is open to the public to purchase 60 lbs (this is not a typo) rescued fruits and vegetables for only $10. A portion of the proceeds benefit the Programs of the Pantry. Event is from 6 - 9 am. Come by and tour the progress on the Pantry! 

6 days left on our Pantry Campaign. The funds help to revamp the Pantry so that we can inventory produce (received from organizations such as Produce on Wheels) to provide families with fresh foods throughout the month. A portion of the funding will fix the electrical wiring so that we can run our freezers and refrigerators safely. 

Thank you in advance for your donations!


A huge THANK YOU to Arizona Tile for donating tile to cover the flooring of our Pantry! If you recall, the old teal carpeting was removed during the Pantry Clean-up Weekend. Dust and dirt was everywhere! This generous donation will provide clean, easy to maintain flooring for our Community Pantry. John and Joni Sucato, founders of Feed Our Babies USA, are picking it up tomorrow! 

We'll be scheduling installation soon! 

Interested in helping our Pantry? We are only $660 short of reaching our goal. The remaining funds will be used to purchase shelving and equipment needed to run our Pantry efficiently. The shelving will help us really optimize the space so that we can stock inventory and make a clearing for us to run our Programs.  

Please consider making a financial donation if you have not already. We are grateful for any amount received. 

Thank you!


Through our Programs, children of all ages have access to healthy, fresh produce and other nutritious foods. Foods rich and vitamins, minerals, energy rich carbohydrates, essential fats and proteins provide a solid nutritional foundation for healthy growth and development.   

Also, through our Programs, we have the chance to meet and help wonderful families within our community. It is a WIN-WIN situation for all!

With your donation, we will have the refrigeration available to stock fresh foods and open our hours to help families in need throughout the day! Thank you in advance! 



Even "UNDER CONSTRUCTION", the Feed Our Babies Pantry is making a difference! Just imagine the leaps and bounds we will make in helping families when our Pantry is completely renovated with sufficient shelving, electrical for refrigeration and new flooring!

A HUGE THANK YOU TO Lael, Katherine and the Polachek Boys! They built 18 food boxes to help families with kids who are home all day. The families received peaches, protein bars, baked snacks, rice, beans, cereal, organic baby food pouches, granola bars, toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

With a renovated Pantry, we can efficiently run Programs, like this one, to help more families within our community.  


Opening the doors to the Feed Our Babies Pantry is a vital step is providing kids in need with fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods for their growth and development. FOB is grateful for our volunteers for helping us share this need and raise awareness within our community!

“There is nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer.” 

~ James Doolittle



Katherine and her amazing family


Gretchen and wonderful family


Tanairi and beautiful family


Joni and John, Feed Our Babies co-founders


Tanya and tasty Green Peppers :)


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