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Our campaign is on TV!

the project

The Wyckoff House Museum’s Farming for Our Community project will support our farm team as they work to meet our community's growing demand for fresh produce in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and will help us share that greater harvest with our neighbors.

This project will allow us to not only grow and maintain our farm team, but also to expand on our roughly 3,000 square feet of productive growing space and meet our goal of cultivating over 40 varieties of fruits, herbs and vegetables in the coming months, with nearly 100 pounds to harvest and distribute each week. We will share this harvest with our neighbors through programs such as the Brownsville Community Culinary Center’s Collective Fare program, which has been preparing over 700 daily meals for first responders and for the Brownsville community’s most vulnerable. We will also be partnering with the Brooklyn Center for Quality of Life, Mt. Zion Church of God in East Flatbush, and other local churches and food pantries. 

the steps

  1. Plant, Plant Plant: Our first goal is to get seeds and starts in the ground as soon as possible. 
  2. Helping Hands: We hope to start working with our seasonal farmers starting in the middle of April.
  3. Harvest: Our first harvest will take place in late April.
  4. Get Moving: We hope to purchase an electric cargo bike to deliver our produce to Collective Faresoon after the first harvest.
  5. Keep It Moving: We will make weekly deliveries to Brownsville from May through October.
  6. More Helping Hands: Pending approval from the Department of Health,  our Senior GAPs (Garden Apprentices) will begin working up to 25 hours per week from July through the fall, learning essential job and farming skills.
  7. Cultivate and Maintain: Throughout the growing season we will be working to keep the farm in good shape -- sow, reap, and repeat!

why we're doing it

One of the things that gives us hope during this pandemic is witnessing the extraordinary networks of care and support cultivated by our neighbors. While there is a great deal of uncertainty about the coming weeks and months, these community-based networks have helped communities across New York and beyond deal with more daily necessities like food, medecine, or simply keeping in touch with neighbors. We hope to join these inspiring efforts by utilizing our productive growing space and our dedicated and knowledgeable farm team to provide food for our community. 

Beyond the burden placed on our health and well-being, this crisis has also produced a great shock in our economy, with many families struggling to find income. On top of this, many supply chains have been disrupted, making it difficult for the farms which normally feed our city to distribute their food. As a result there is an growing need for food assistance, and we hope to respond to that need by producing as much as we can, and working to share it with our neighbors.


$4,000 cargo e-bike

$8,000 partial support of seasonal Garden assistant

$300 Safety Items (gloves, masks, sanitizer)

$6,000 Garden Apprenticeship stipends

$1,500 plant seeds and starts

$400 soil improvements (compost, nutrients etc.)

$500 new garden tools, tarps, and other materials

$20,700 TOTAL

ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $640
TOTAL TO RAISE = $21,340



Our campaign is on TV!

Thanks to Brooklyn News 12 for featuring our farmhouse and our incredible staff's efforts to keep growing food. 

Check out the video online!

News 12 snapshot

Posted: May 05, 2020 10:18 PM EDT

The Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum is closed due to the coronavirus pandemic after nearly 370 years and is looking for ways to keep the community involved.

This time of year, farm staff is typically picking its spring harvest. It has ramped up production as the farm prepares to supply local food pantries with fresh vegetables.

The historic house is trying to raise money for the next step in giving back.

The land around the city's oldest house is still open to the public, but staff is anticipating the day it can once again welcome students.

100% Board Participation

We're so excited to see our whole executive Board has contributed to the campaign and we're already over 25% of the way there. Hurrah! 

Our Community Advisory Board Member are contributing and we are well on our way to growing food that will be on the tables of our Brooklyn community members soon. 

Watch Zach and Farm team's updates on the garden on TikTok.


Learn how to use a broadfork. And also how to floss like a farmer ;) 
Broad Fork


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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