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the project

We make local fruits and veggies more accessible to our community by running the CSA, which partners with Golden Earthworm Farm on Long Island. We also do educational programming on things like eco-friendly cleaning, environmental issues, and nutrition for children and adults who are part of the CSA and members of the community as well. We also provide subsidies for a certain amount of shares to make this produce available to members who could otherwise not afford to join and help increase awareness of agricultural issues among this disadvantaged group.

the steps

The Spring Farm Visit is open to Astoria CSA members and the wider community to visit both our partner farm on Long Island. It's a fabulous opportunity for those without their own "wheels" to get out of the city for an afternoon and enjoy some fresh air. On the farm activities include a meet-your-farmer and farmer-led tour of the farm! Money funds one 40 passenger school bus to the farm. If we raise funds for the educational trip to Golden Earthworm Organic Farm in the Spring our members can see the benefit of our farm shares with strawberry picking and the greenhouse where thousands of seedlings start their journey to becoming our food for the 2011 season. If we raise funds for the Fall Farm Festival our members can celebrate the season with our farmers. There are education workshops, a farm tour and hay rides just to name a few of the activities for the day.

why we're doing it

By bringing fresh, local organic vegetables to our neighborhood we are greatly reducing the amount of energy it takes to bring food to our tables. Our outreach and educational programming further teaches members about how they can involve themselves in combating environmental issues, whether on an individual level (by making their own non-toxic cleaning products) or on a governmental level (bringing them to awareness about issues in the food industry). In addition, we are spreading awareness about agricultural issues to a demographic that for the most part is not exposed to this message in our subsidized share outreach.


44 person capactiy bus rental from Vallo Bus Company


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