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the project

Farm to Freezer, a small scale processor of Michigan fruits and vegetables is excited to announce that it is expanding operations in Detroit’s Eastern Market.  Join the movement that’s growing agricultural opportunity and help us to announce our arrival and begin cultivating relationships that will grow our impact and build Michigan’s food economy!

An outgrowth of a collaboration between Northern Michigan nonprofit agencies and regional farms and institutions, Farm to Freezer is working to grow the food system and create employment opportunities in ways that put local, nutrient dense products on plates in homes and schools throughout the state.  The project has recently signed a lease on a long abandoned freezer space in the Eastern Market, and looks to bring this facility back online in a way that improves the neighborhood and benefits the community.  

All along, our effort has been one focused and rooted in community. Now we are at a point to celebrate the partners, growers and friends that have helped to push our effort and make this expansion opportunity possible.  As we set the stage for the future, Farm to Freezer seeks your help in creating and installing new branding on its new home in Eastern Market. We aim to use this platform to celebrate the hard work that takes place daily on farms and in our freezers, and join the incredible energy that is rebuilding Detroit..

the steps

With funds in hand, Farm to Freezer will get straight to work on its new home, inside and out.  Recently, the building was vandalized as a 15-foot, four letter word (not FOOD) was painted on its side.  We believe that with new life and activity, and artwork, we can change the story for this space, and join the community in the revitalization effort underway in the Eastern Market.

Our team will work with a Michigan Company to design and print a new 20 foot by 20 foot banner that will showcase the beauty that grows on Michigan farms.  The banner will be hung on Mack Ave; and also announce the arrival of our newest Farm to Freezer location.  The banner will be printed and hung prior to the month of June.

why we're doing it

While Michigan boasts some of the most diverse crop production of anywhere in the nation, many of our residents report low access and low consumption of fruits and vegetables.  This is due in part to low food access in many of our neighborhoods, and also because Michigan’s growing season is quite short.  The Farm to Freezer concept is simple -and quite old fashioned - when produce is abundant, put it up for use in winter months.

The millions of people in and around the Detroit area present great opportunity for regional growers to access year round markets for their products.  Likewise, the thousands of acres of active farmland across the region possesses the potential to feed our communities and our future.

In Detroit, our work becomes even more important as we push against food access and security issues that exist in the city center and surrounding neighborhoods.  This challenge will help us put our call to action on a prominent building in the Eastern Market, and launch our effort to connect our state’s fruit and vegetable resources with some of our most pressing community needs.


Disbursed budget (4.7.17):

RAISED = $7,118.00
 less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $206.30

Original budget:

Banner Design and Install : $5,835.50

Project Subtotal = $5,836
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $175
Total to raise on ioby = $6,046



Featured in DBusiness

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March 9, 2017


This spring, ioby and Eastern Market are partnering to present the Eastern Market Growing Communities Matching Grant Challenge. We’re offering 17 awesome local food entrepreneurs the chance to double all donations made to their projects on ioby’s website between now and April 3—dollar for dollar, up to $250 per donation, and up to $3,000 total. Here’s a closer look at one of the fabulous projects getting underway now.

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