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the project

Although, over the last decade, we have developed standard procedures for our organization (transportation, site selection, programming, etc), these critical processes are not documented!   In order for us to make sure the Summits continue, we need to capture this vast knowledge in a structured and well-organized format.  This is called a Standard Operating Procedures Manual.   Writing down our procedures will ensure that future staff, board members and volunteers can step into existing roles each year with clarity as to the task, its description and the timeline. 

In addition, sometimes our cash outflows are more than our inflows. When does this happen?  Early each year, we have a huge cash requirement for both the facility and the fleet of vans.  This financial outlay happens before all participants are registered and way before the major part of the registration fees are actually collected. This cash flow timing mismatch creates a real challenge each year.  

the steps

Hire a professional to compile all our policies and procedures manual.*

Interview faculty, staff and volunteers who presently have relevant knowledge and experience performing their duties. 

Write a short Punch List of all time-sensitive tasks in chronological order throughout the year.  The Punch List is a quick view to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and that critical milestones are achieved on time each year.  


*as of 1/20/2020, a professional has been hired and is developing the Financial portion of the Manual and Punch List.

why we're doing it

We have been operating from Summit to Summit in a way that many non-profits are run:  paying for the essentials to run a Summit each year with neither the resources nor the time to pay attention to strengthening the underlying infrastructure of our organization.  After the last Summit, a committee was formed to determine how to fortify our organization.  This committee recommended that for Family Nature Summits to be sustainable and for management transitions to be seamless, this project would be necessary.  

Please help our community of environmentalists become strong and sustainable by donating toward our future.


SOP  $ 5,000
Cash reserve  $15,000
ioby Platform Fee (donated by S Shelby)  $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) (donated by S Shelby) $620
TOTAL TO RAISE = $20,000


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