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the project

The mission of Project Impact is to provide education, increase self-efficiency, assistance with mentoring, finding jobs, apartments and just one on one support in such a violent community and advocacy to individuals and families. We are dedicated to ending Gun violence, black on black crime. Violence within the community as well as limiting high school dropout. Project Impact strives to spread the Gospel in hope of reviving communities, encouraging & helping others to become mature followers of Christ.

Project Impact (PI) was founded by Ta'Quell Morris-Rodriguez. He initially began this organization by fostering youth that had been engaged in trouble with the law. While assisting, he found a reoccurring pattern in which many stated "feeling they had no one to speak with regarding their issues." PI's objective is to show youth and families that Syracuse, as a community, are here to assist them in making better decisions. We strive to push individuals and families toward enhancing their education and their spirituality and/or beliefs in a higher power. We are currently ran by individuals who committed to volunteering their time for the good of the community.

the steps

Steps Leading Up to Event

1. *1 months out from event-* secure resources, organizations and
agencies, recruit and confirm Youth organizers for events (local schools,
YMCA, local youth centers etc.)*,*Purchase sound equipment , create flyers.

2. *3 weeks out from event-* Send reminder emails to all resources and
volunteers- confirm tables and chairs needed

3. *2 week out from event-* social media updates and email to all
elected officials, outreaching within 5 blocks of targeted area with flyers
and handshakes

4. *Week of event-* Post NO PARKING signs, reserve van for equipment
haul on day of event, purchase supplies, food, snacks, drinks for event

5. *Day before and day of event-* Go door to door passing out flyers,
explaining our vision

6. *Day of event:*
· barricade area and close down parking/traffic on street
· transport tables, chairs, supplies and sports equipment to park
· check in volunteers and performers for event
· set up tables and chairs in the park
· Check in resources/agency tables
· Oversee food area
· Mentoring and youth outreach
· Set up basketball hoops/soccer/climbing wall
· Breakdown and return equipment to storage area

why we're doing it

The South and West side of Syracuse has a high number of youth and families. According to the local news channel 10 and 2014 Census, high school & middle school dropout rates along with teen pregnancy rates are steadily increasing. A high number of our youth is being killed and incarcerated daily! If we are not allowed the resources needed to reach them, we will continue losing our youth and their families. Our Friends and Family Outreach Weekend will allow us to build relationships within the community and offer services to those in need. This event will allow PI to come into the community to decrease and prevent gang bang, gun violence, suicide and many other criminal activities that are affecting our communities. Many families are impoverished and lack basic needs. Feeding our community will help a mom and in dad who is wondering where their next meal may come from. Together, we can give that teen and parent comfort in knowing Our community Cares!   


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 3/28/17):

RAISED = $340.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $16.19
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $9.90

Funds will be used to sponsor our homeless lunch giveaway for our summer program. This program feeds anywhere from 200-250 kids and homeless individuals during our annual summer outreach program.





unit price

line total






Bouncy House




Horse Carriage Rides




8 pack pork hotdogs @ 1.99




8 pack of beef hotdogs@ $2,89




25 Pack Hamburger Patties@ $27.99




100 Pack Terrell’s Potato Chips@ 15.00 (Buy 1 & 1 donated)




SD Card (for camera to hold pictures)




Potato Sacks (game) @ $3.99




1,000 Pack of Water Balloons




24ct Hugs Juice @ $6.89




Koolaid Burst @ $1.69




Balloons @ $1.00




24 Ct Spring Water @ $2.99




Audrey’s photography & Printing Lab






Bibles@ $1.00




Friday Flyer




Prints of Friday Flyer




Saturday Flyer




Prints of Saturday Flyer




Items for Veggie Tray




Items for Fruit Tray




Meatballs (Meet & Greet Friday Night)@ $6.99




DVD Players (Adult Prizes) @$23.99




Nail polish/remover/filers etc @$0.99




Colgate Toothpaste & Tooth Brushes@$0.99




Sky Zone gift cards (Kids prizes) $42.99




40 Inch Television Free Raffle (for families)




Syracuse City Park & Recreation $165.00

Police Officers $75 hour for 4 for 2 officers $600

 Onondaga Health Permit $35.00

Generator @100.00

Barbers (haircut for 45 kids) $350.00




SUBTOTAL = $3,737
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $112



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  • Ta'Quell Morris-Rodriguez
  • Evangelist E.L. Langham