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the project

The Memphis Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) club promotes the Irish sports of hurling and Gaelic football, the most popular sports in Ireland (far more than soccer or rugby), in the Memphis community. Think of Gaelic football as a cross between soccer and basketball, and hurling as a cross between field hockey and lacrosse. Building on our successful Spring 2017 Gaelic football league, we're planning to run our Fall 2017 hurling league from September - November.


The equipment costs for hurling can be high - hurling sticks cost ~$50 each and safety helmets cost ~$70 each - so we need to raise funds to subsidize those costs to make it affordable for anyone who wants to give hurling a try. In addition, we're looking to order a set of travel team jerseys for our players to wear when we represent Memphis at regional tournaments in the next few years. A set of travel team jerseys costs approximately $900.

the steps

We will use the funds raised to order the hurling equipment needed for the Fall league, as well as to order the travel team jerseys for when we represent the Bluff City at regional tournaments. We are going to start our recruitment campaign for the Fall league in the late summer, through social media and promotional events such as festivals. We wll also have pre-season instructional sessions that will be open to the public so anyone who's interested can come out and give hurling a try.


why we're doing it

I grew up playing hurling and Gaelic football in Ireland and am very excited to share my love of both sports with my adopted city of Memphis. Since moving here in 2012 to work for FedEx, I’ve found Memphians to be very open to new  people and experiences, and was very encouraged to see so many people signup for our inaugural Gaelic football league this Spring (we had >50 people sign up, of which around 40 were regular players).

We want to build on that success by introducing them to Ireland’s other national sport, hurling, in the Fall season. However, the costs associated with hurling (especially the equipment) are a lot higher than Gaelic football, so we need to raise some funds to achieve that goal. In addition, we need to raise funds to cover the costs of travel team jerseys as we start to represent Memphis at regional tournaments in both sports this year and beyond.




RAISED = $215.00
less ioby Platform Fee  waived
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $10.24
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) $6.26

 The $198.50 will go towards the cost of ordering new pub team league jerseys for our Fall hurling league



10 safety helmets $70 ea  = $700

30 hurling sticks $50 ea = $1,500

Travel team jerseys costs approximately = $800

Total Fundraising Goal = $3,100

SUBTOTAL = $3,100
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $93



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