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the project

For the past seven years, Falconworks has presented professional theater performances in Red Hook, Brooklyn. From our stunning production of Enemy of the People alongside the Red Hook grain terminal, to Romeo and Juliet in the now-demolished Lidgerwood Building, to Black Conference which transported audiences back to 1939, we have created worlds, provided creative opportunities for community residents, and challenged audiences to see both history and the present day from new perspectives.

In 2020, we are planning to bring a new, original work to our local community of Red Hook: The Program. This 360-degree, interactive experience will place audience members and actors alike at a meeting of a 12-step group for people recovering from white supremacy. As the cast share the experiences of their characters, members of the audience will likewise be invited to take part in the meeting and find a path to recovery for themselves and their community.

Like all of Falconworks' productions, The Program will feature first-rate professional actors working alongside Red Hook community members, with the support of our talented designers and stage artists. We remain committed to bringing the best, most innovative, and thought-provoking theater to Red Hook.

the steps

Originally scheduled for the spring of 2020, The Program will be presented in the fall of this year when we are able to meet with a cast to develop the work, and join with audiences to present it. We will provide more information as soon as it become available.Here is the process we'll use to develop and present The Program

  • Now until late Summer 2020: Development of the initial script and framework of the play, by Falconworks Artistic Director Reg Flowers
  • Summer 2020: Identification of the performance venue
  • Late Summer 2020: Casting the various roles
  • Late Summer-Early Fall 2020: Further development of the play in the studio with the cast
  • Fall 2020: Design of set, props, and costumes by Scenic Designer Deb O, and design of lighting by lighting designer Christopher Studley
  • Fall 2020: Two weeks of performances 

why we're doing it

Falconworks' mission is to empower individuals and communities through theater in order to effect social change. We use theater to help artists and audiences see the world as it is, understand how it came to be that way, and imagine how to make it better.

The Program, like our other productions, examines an issue of importance to both Red Hook and the greater world. And like all of our productions, it will give the audience space to interact with the actors, to express their own perspectives, and to engage in dialogue in order to help everyone achieve a better understanding of the problem of white supremacy and how it impacts all of us.

Apart from exploring questions of social justice, we also want this production to be one step in helping New York get back on its feet. As you know, with theaters shuttered through the spring and perhaps summer, many people who work in this industry have no source of income or livelihood. The money raised through this campaign will go to actors, designers, and stage crew involved in creating the play. We understand there are many causes, some more immediate than ours, needing money and attention this spring, and so we thank you for your generosity in this time.  Thank you for your help in making the next few months brighter, and we look forward to seeing you at our show in the Fall!



    Total Raised     $7,090.00 
    ioby Platform Fee     $35.00 
    ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)     $105.30 
Total Ioby         $6,949.70 
Other Revenue        
    Non-ioby donations     $70.00 
    Ticket sales     $2,190.70 
Total Other Revenue         $2,260.70 
TOTAL INCOME         $9,210.40 
    Director     $1,500.00 
    Actors (6 actors paid $1,000 each)     $6,000.00 
    Stage Manager (portion of staff position)     $800.00 
    Costume & set designer - not filled     $-   
    Lighting designer - not filled     $-   
    Technical Director / Production Manager     $1,500.00 
    Employment taxes     $413.10 
    Payroll expense     $29.30 
    Zoom fees     $122.58 
    Audio equipment     $32.65 
    Misc production expense     $54.73 
    Advertising and marketing     $258.04 
TOTAL EXPENSES         $9,210.40 

TOTAL RAISED = $7,090.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $105.30


Actors (8 actors will be paid $1,000 each)        $ 8,000

Stage Manager                                                    1,500

Costume & Set Designer                                     3,000

Lighting Designer                                                 1,500

Technical Director / Production Manager             1,500

TOTAL                                                            $ 15,500

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $480
TOTAL TO RAISE = $16,015


We're Still Moving Ahead!

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has caused Falconworks and other theater companies to upend our plans, we are still planning to present performances of "The Program" in the coming months - online! This mirrors what many 12-step programs of all kinds have done in response to the pandemic. Many 12-step meetings have moved online. Although this lacks some of the intimacy of an in-person performance, the interactive nature of "The Program" lends itself perfectly to moving online.

Follow up on Instagram or Facebook for more information in the coming months!


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