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the project

Ruth's Way is an Achievement Consulting Agency for Adolescent Girls who have experienced trauma and are displaying behavioral health issues. We help these young ladies to achieve their most successful futures possible by showing them how to identify and then properly address barriers that threaten their successful futures. 

Fabulous Field Trips for our Female STARS will enable us to take these awesome young ladies on field trips as a fun and exciting activity. Being able to explore outside of your own neighborhood enables our youth to feel empowered by opportunity! Also helping them to realize that they really do have opportunities beyond what is simply in front of them, and that the sky is the limit! Amazingly it really helps to uplift our female youth and increases their self-esteem as empowered young women of society!

This project will open up doors of countless opportunities that otherwise would be sealed shut for this population of female youth. 

Most of our female youth will never have these types of opportunities because their families simply cannot afford it. This project will provide our female youth the opportunity to explore the universities and other secondary education options that they want to attend, take an up-close look into the career that they've chosen as their lifetime goal of success, raise their educational awareness in historical landmarks, and teach them the essential process of utilizing self-care as a tool for increasing your self-esteem consistently.

the steps

1. Ask our Female STARS where they would like to go specifically.

2. According to their answers: Schedule College, University, and secondary education alternative options.  

3. According to the answers from our Female STARS, schedule visits to businesses for career exploration, such as hosptials, restaurants, legal firms, court houses, etc. 

4. Purchase gift cards to various hair salons, nail salons, massage therapy, etc. 

5. Explore Female Empowerment speaking engagements.

why we're doing it

Our mission here at Ruth’s Way is to empower female youth by showing them that they CAN achieve successful futures, regardless of their past or current situation! Our goal is to help young girls achieve long-term success as ethical, virtuous women of society.

Founded in 2005, Ruth’s Way, Inc. is faith-based, and the only existing Achievement Consulting Agency for Adolescent Girls (ACAAG) in the world! We provide services to female youth ages 12-21. With over 20 years of Social Services experience, we form a phenomenal team of Behavioral Health Professionals!



  • $174.60 is our budget/funds raised, to be able to implement fun activities, like field trips, into our current curriculum to make our Forum more exciting for our STARS.


TOTAL RAISED = $180.00
ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $5.40



Field trips with fun activities

- Career Exploration: exploring the places where the girls want to be employed as their career choices

- History Awareness: visits to various landmarks, historical sites, etc.,

- College/University Tours: tour some of the places of 2ndary education in which the girls may want to attend, which includes business schools, etc.,  

- Self-care w/pampering days to promote self-esteem: We teach our girls that self-care is mandatory in order to acheive success within our lives.  Hair Salons, Nail Salons, massage therapy, etc.  Also an excellent tool for increasing self-esteem.


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $310
TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,345



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