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Resident Outreach and Programming

the project

We want to bring digital fabrication technology to the Glenville neighborhood, and experts from around the world to work with residents on projects and ideas for learning, community development, and entrepreneurship.

There continues to be a significant tech divide that leaves African-American communities behind and unable to leverage technology for the growing STEM opportunities in school, work, and business. Launching this project in a community that's over 90% African-American will provide residents access to technology in a familiar and supportive environment.

We are fundraising for the early stages of this project.  We need your help to support operations and administrative infrastructure.  Including insurance, permits, outreach, and marketing materials.

the steps

To launch this project we need to secure permits, obtain insurance, design space layout and renderings, identify advisors and ambassadors, and secure legal and accounting services.  The culminating event for this first phase of the project will be an urban barn-raising event with residents and community supporters.

why we're doing it

 Cleveland's renaissance has not hit Glenville yet, and there is a great need to bring resources to the neighborhood right now.  Digital Fabrication is cutting edge technology that residents can use to prepare for the workforce, build businesses, improve their education, and create for fun and play.  There are approximately 1.2M people in Cuyahoga County and a dozen makerspaces/Fab Labs.  In addition to their limited capacity to serve the population, unless you are affiliated or feel like a welcome part of those institutions, people from neighborhoods like Glenville are not using them.  Fab House is a new model breaking down barriers of acceptance and providing access through proximity right in the heart of the neighborhood.  At Fab House residents will be able to explore and use digital fabrication tools like 3 D printing and electronics to address community and personal needs while tapping an international network of experts.


Disbursed Budget 5.24.21

Permits $1,000

Accounting $300

Insurance $600

Legal fees $1,500

Renderings $ 3,246.15

Collateral/Print materials $200

Community engagement/education $593.95

= $7,440.10




ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%)


ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)




Original budget:

Permits  $1200

Accounting $500

Insurance $1800

Legal fees $2,500

Renderings $3,000

Collateral/Print materials $500

Community engagement/Dducation $500


ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $310

TOTAL TO RAISE = $10,345


Resident Outreach and Programming

We received a Neighbor Up Action grant to create and distribute more PPE Kits for the Glenville residents and to hire a neighborhood youth for a micro-internship this summer.

Promoting Fab House

I spoke with a reporter at Freshwater Cleveland about the project.  Read here:



This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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