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the project

One of the hallmarks of our organization is community service on the part of our students. Each students must participate in a community outreach project in which they will give back to the community. The Ewen Park dog run revitalization project would be one such project for our students to participate in. Students will be assigned to working with the larger community to help maintain the dog run, work on fundraising efforts, meet local officials and learn the importance of such community projects and learn about responsible pet ownership. Such a project would be beneficial both for our organization, the larger community and our students.

Off-leash areas protect the rights of community members and other park users. Dogs are able to enjoy the park in a safe, enclosed area thus making the park experience an enjoyable one both for people and animals.

Off-leash areas allow dog owners to give their dogs the exercise they so richly need and deserve, making dogs better neighbors who are less likely to bark incessantly, become agitated or inappropriately invade people's space. According to vet Suzanne Thomas, "Everyone knows that exercise contributes to overall level of fitness, physical and mental health. This is true with people as well as pets. On leash, most dogs are not able to get their excess energy out. A proper dog park needs to have enough acreage to provide room for dogs to run and not feel crowded. Obesity in our companion animals is one of the most frequently diagnosed conditions. Physical activity is essential for treating and preventing obesity."

Off-leash areas bring people together, create a greater sense of community, and provide a forum for dog owners to share information that can help foster more responsible pet ownership. Off-leash areas are a wonderful way for dog owners to learn from each other and share tips.

Encouraging dog owners (and their dogs) to enjoy the parks, as off-leash areas do, helps deter crime in these areas. 

the steps


III. Renovation and Maintenance of the current off-leash area

Our proposal suggests the following renovations:

1. Repair of fencing throughout the park.

2. Installation of a new water supply

3. Creation of a small dog area

4. Installation of benches

5. Trees

6. Tree benches

7. A second double gate installed.

8. Restoration of the run surface

9. Installation of a covered garbage can

Our proposal suggests the following maintenance:

1. Surface maintenance and restoration

2. Garbage bags

3. Poop bags

4. Sanitation treatments

5. General upkeep and maintenance of perimeter

why we're doing it

The dog run is in the middle of the park.  As such, it needs to be safe so that dogs, handlers and other park visitors can all enjoy the park in a friendly atmosphere. Additionally, improving the dog run will be a wonderful project for our students to be involved in.  There will be clean-up efforts as well as other  revitalization that will need to be done and this will bring a sense of responsibility to our students that will stay with them through their lives.


The Budget is for Part 1 Dog Park Rules (approved by Community Board) laminated at Kinkos and placed around park (2) $8 100 flyers created at Kinkos to inform the community about the project $5 The Sentry Pet Waste Station (All inclusive) $279 Includes EVERYTHING: 7 ft U-Channel Post Sign Sign Bracket Bag Dispenser Can Hardware 400 Free Pet Waste Bags 50 Free Pet Waste Can Liners Installation Instructions ioby fee = $23

RAISED = $315
ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $9



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