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12869 Larchmere Blvd, Single Family
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the project

The goal of this project is to create a multi-dimensional experience that not only informs, but also inspires and empowers individuals to take action towards building more just and equitable communities. The project will be accessible to all members of the Larchmere community, as well as visitors from outside the area, through various public screenings, performances, and exhibitions.

In terms of funding, we will seek support through grants, private donations, and community partnerships. We will also prioritize the involvement of local artists and creatives in the project, both to showcase their talents and to ensure that the project remains grounded in the values of the community.

Overall, this project is an opportunity to showcase the power of the arts in promoting social change and community building. It represents the next step in The Evolution of The Elevated People movement, and we are excited to bring this vision to life through the support of

Phase one of our project includes putting together live events and documenting them for an upcoming documentary that will be a part of phase two. Ultimately we intend to do the following with the project as a whole:

Documentary: The documentary will be a feature-length film that chronicles the story of Baba Shakka The Saint and the Larchmere community's journey towards justice and oneness. It will showcase the 13 steps towards oneness, emphasizing the values of community building, ethical governance, and human rights. The film will feature interviews with community members, political leaders, and experts on social justice and community organizing.

Music project: The music project will be a vinyl recording that features original compositions inspired by The Evolution of The Elevated People movement. The music will be a fusion of different genres, reflecting the diversity of the Larchmere community. The vinyl will also include a booklet that explains the inspiration behind each track, highlighting the connection to the values of the movement.

Immersive experience: The immersive experience will be an interactive art installation that allows visitors to experience The Evolution of The Elevated People movement in a unique and engaging way. The installation will include multimedia displays, such as photographs, videos, and sound recordings, that highlight the key moments and values of the movement. Visitors will also be able to participate in activities that promote community building and ethical governance, such as workshops and group discussions.

the steps

  1. Schedule and secure spaces for the live events
  2. Promote the events
  3. hire a documentarian
  4. Have a party with a purpose

why we're doing it

 I would like to consolidate the nature of my movement towards ONENESS through our accumulative conversations regarding healing the community of incivility, and social injustice, and evolving more independently into self-sufficient creator economy-based neighborhoods while emphasizing Baba Shakka's Way of Being and Mastery System to effectively respond to the guidelines of this grant opportunity that I wish to fulfill for the Larchmere Community.   For over two decades, I have circumscribed my efforts within a very specific operation known as The Black Phoenix Movement for a Greater Humanity. It is the cultivation of an artist vanguard towards ONENESS.

After recently experiencing housing injustice I believe this work is even more relevant and meaningful. I want to spread awareness to the issues of fair and equal housing and my brand of community building. I have maintained a product and service base as a creator, performer, and arts facilitator within my label, Life Matters Entertainment. This season presents a state of urgency to finally complete a recording project called The Evolution of The Elevated People Mixtape. It will emphasize the solution-based songs that I performed during the September 14th Larchmere Stand Off of 2022. It features other artists of the vanguard who share the same sentiment of resolve and true justice.

It is absolutely imperative for the writers and filmmakers among this vanguard to maintain a narrative based on truth- that exposes the corruptor and shines light upon this process which denotes resolve through true justice. We must expedite this truth to the highest authority until it is standard in the governing body that has the highest influence on the struggling class.

If we believe that the acculturation process is necessary, then it is inevitable for our stories to become the lessons that will shape generations to come. The stories we produce become educational media, and our voices will echo for an eternity.


  • Production (filming, equipment rental, crew payment, travel expenses, etc.): $8,000
  • Pre-production (songwriting, arranging, recording demos, etc.): $2,000

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee 8%    N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee 4%    $288.07
TOTAL TO RAISE    $10,288.07
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