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N. Evergreen Street and Peach Avenue
(Evergreen Historic District)
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the project

Our long-term vision for this lot is a high visibility demonstration pilot rain garden and surface storm water management system that helps alleviate residential & storm sewer flooding into Royster Bayou stream (to the Lick Creek Basin) and raise awareness of the importance of residential surface management techniques that have multiple benefits, including beautification, native plant propagation, & species diversity. 

An attractive, water absorbing landscaping will provide

  1. a demonstration rain garden of native species,
  2. water capture and filtration to reduce the volume flowing into City stormwater systems, and,
  3. reduced turfgrass for cutting (thereby reducing the involuntary private obligations and challenges presented by the unmaintained lots).

By removing surface water from the storm system during peak flows (which can be done at the area, commercial, residential levels), rain gardens can provide an attractive, low maintenance and dispersed system to support local, countywide, and regional planning with respect to sustainability, water quality, and quality of life.

Community members will play an active role in the planting and maintenance of the lot. Through the Evergreen Rain Garden Association (ERGA), Evergreen Historic District Association (EHDA) and Evergreen Garden Association (EGA), other area garden associations, volunteers have been and will be solicited for plant, planting/labor, maintenance, and other in-kind support.

the steps

Presuming sufficient funding, the Initial garden installation to be completed by May 31, 2014.


Soil testing, preparation, amendments, plant orders, promotion, planting date, and volunteer scheduling occurring in March or April (2-3 weeks). Final garden placement will be dependent on the assessment of surface water flow, slope, sun, and other considerations.


Planting will require 1-2 days in April or MayIdeally, planting would occur during the weekend of April 19-20 in time for Earth Day (funding and weather permitting).


Maintenance needs are most intense during the first year of any rain garden, although healthy perennials reseed and spread naturally.  For the first year, the Evergreen Rain Garden will be maintained bi-weekly as needed by Volunteers, coordinated through scheduling of all interested parties, including ERGA members, Master Gardeners seeking credits and other interested EDHA gardeners.

why we're doing it

The City of Memphis owns, but does not maintain this lot, orphaned by the defunct Interstate 40 project. The adjacent homeowner has periodically and mistakenly been cited for code violations (i.e., cutting and sidewalks). 

The adjacent intersection is prone to flooding (from Royster Bayou stream within Lick Creek Basin) due to impervious surface area of the developed environs. This rain garden (stormwater catchment) will divert storm water during peak flows, be a visual pleasure for all, including pedestrians and passing vehicles, and conform with City of Memphis guidelines on neighborhood blight to improve the site.


Soil amendments                      $ 500           

            1 cu. Yd. – soil/compost amendment ($80)

            2 tons – sand amendment ($90)

            2 tons mulch amendment ($180)

            Delivery ($150)

Plants (54-91 plants, depending on available funds, plant selection dependent on outcome of soil testing)                                      $ 740

            Shrubs (min. 10 of 2 varieties, 2 gal @$30, $300)

            Perennials (min. 30 of multiple varieties, 1 gal @ $10, $300)

            Grasses/Sedges (min. 14 of two varieties, 1 gal @ 10, $140)

The entirety of budget will be spent on plants and soils. The final size of the garden will be dependent on in-kind donation solicitation of plants. Tools and necessary equipment will be provided by volunteers.

This budget estimate does not include any labor costs. Labor to dig, amend, plant, and mulch will be supplied by volunteers comprised of members of the Evergreen Rain Garden Association, volunteers from Evergreen Garden Association and Master Gardeners of Memphis, neighbors and other community members.

The cost of a 10 x 20 Rain Garden constructed by a Landscape Contractor averages between $3,500 and $4,500. (Source, Rain Gardens for Nashville.)

SUBTOTAL = $1,240
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $62
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $37

ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $62
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $37



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