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the project

The El Puente Green Light District in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, is a 10-year initiative to transform a one-square-mile neighborhood from one of the most toxic areas in NYC to a well, just, and sustainable community. El Puente coordinates the  Espiritu Tierra Community Garden, the site for this project. Our goal is to construct a rainwater harvesting system for the garden, which has poor access to water. We also would like to source plants for and build a rain garden in a section of the community garden to divert stormwater and provide a beautiful space where native plants, insects, and animals can thrive.

the steps

Steps achieved so far:

1. The Green Light District made community contacts and created partnerships with other organizations, including the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, to help the project get off the ground.

2. In 2012, the Green Light District held a meeting with gardeners to approve the conceptual designs for a rainwater harvesting system and rain garden.

3. Plans were drawn up for water catchment and the rain garden.

Where we are now:

1. Fundraise for the materials, supplies, and services necessary for project implementation.

2. Convene a meeting with gardeners to determine volunteer commitments and installation dates.

3. Finalize plan details and specifications.

4. Purchase water catchment system materials, and secure sources for plants.

5. Prepare the site for installation.

6. Install the water harvesting system, by attaching to downspout of neighboring building.

7. Plant the rain garden and install fence beautification.

why we're doing it

Espiritu Tierra Community Garden is an important part of our dynamic community and supports a dedicated group of gardeners each year. The garden does not have a reliable or sustainable source of water, which can threaten this thriving space and strong community. Garden members have expressed the importance of water conservation and are looking forward to having a rainwater harvesting system. The harvesting will help preserve the garden as both a viable way to produce food in and for the community and also a gathering space for events, workshops, and cultural activities.

The rain garden and rainwater harvesting system will also continue to improve community and environmental health by preventing local flooding and water contamination caused by sewer overflow. The rain garden will provide a habitat for native birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects.


Materials will be sourced from Lowe’s, Home Depot, Bissett Nursery, and

Building Materials
Wood bench materials, $140
Cinder blocks for mural wall, $270
Mortar, $20
Paint for mural, $200
Rain barrel, $665
Rain barrel support structure (Posts, lumber, hardware), $230
Downspout connectors and redirectors, $60
Soil amendments, $160
Landscaping boulders, $1,000
Hardware store delivery fee, $100
Rain barrel delivery fee and order charage, $216
Wheelbarrow, $85

Maximillian Sunflower, $8
Virginia Bluebells, $15
Tall Meadow Rue, $8
Switchgrass, $30
Little Bluestem, $15
Partridgeberry, $10
Mountain Mint, $160
Deer Tongue Grass, $128
Goldenstar / Green & Gold, $18
Yellow Marsh Marigold, $20
Wild Blue Phlox, $25
Turtlehead, $10
Foamflower, $15
Northern Blue Flag Iris, $12
Coreopsis Moonbeam, $10
Bee Balm / Bergamot, $45
Wild Geranium, $13


SUBTOTAL = $3,688
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $111



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