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the project

Many parents, teachers and administrators have expressed their frustration and concerns of not feeling supported or not having information on how to best help their children. Enduring the Course Inc. (ETC INC.) will hold workshops that will decrease, reduce and provide more options and support for families experiencing mental health issues. Our mission is to help those with a mental health diagnosis navigate through life knowing all possible options instead of just using negative reinforcement or medication. Enduring the Course Inc. plans to increase understanding, reduce stigma and expand intervention options for people experiencing mental health concerns.

the steps

  • Raise money
  • Find location 
  • Pay speakers 

why we're doing it

We support families to positively manage and identify mental health struggles. We believe that investing in children, their parents and educators will be beneficial to the whole community. It has been proven that when mental illness is left untreated it interferes with educational process, decrease productivity with employment and causes an increase in crime. With us all trying to navigate life in a positive many through this pandemic, ETC Inc, feels our Positive Parenting workshops/webinars are even more important. Parents and educators are in need  even more now to find ways to be supportive to children.  As Anxiety, depression, and stress and fear of the unknown are on the rise. Please help ETC INC., provide online resources (online workshops, support groups and written materials) to families  in order to combat mental health issues and to be proactive in preventing an increase in suicide, addiction, abuse and provide support to help children manage mental health symptoms. 


$500- food/snacks

$500- Material 

$300 incentives 

$200 equipment 

$1000 speaking/ facilitator 

$500 location 

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $94
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $3,129


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